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Whacha watching?

When I draw and paint I often have my trusty iPad on and stream movies and TV shows. Depending on how focused I need to be effects what I watch. If I’m writing I usually just have music on if … Continue reading

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Magic Steps, Tricks and Keys To Success!

I’ve taken a bit of flack from my semi-sarcastic post called Three Keys to Kids’ Lit. Success. I didn’t intend for it to be negative. Just silly. I get uncomfortable when success in the arts is broken done to a set of ‘tricks’ or … Continue reading

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Fiction just makes more sense.

I write fiction. I have a better grip on imaginary things than actual things in this world. I see things in the ‘real’ world that confuse me all the time. Especially in our economy and how business is done. For instance, why … Continue reading

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It’s the anxiety, stupid.

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How My Creative Process Works

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A new book, an old book and a book that never was…

I’m going to spend one day at Comic Con this year. One day should be enough. I haven’t been back to The Con for 2 or 3 years now. I don’t expect it to be any different but for being … Continue reading

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Self promotion

It’s summer so my blogging is paying the price and that’s alright. But these days one is supposed to never miss an opportunity to ‘engage’ your ‘readers’ or ‘fans’ or just people walking down the sidewalk that you can corner. (Such a … Continue reading

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