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Erik Johnson has a new Kickstarter for a fascinating and funky little book that is part graphic novel, part art book, part endless opera cycle.

It’s an idea born from putting a bunch of genres and formats into a blender and getting something delicious. Something different. And you know, if you know Erik’s work, it will be exquisitely designed and printed.

Check it out and consider supporting it.


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The Little Lake City School District, the Los Nietos School District and the library in the City of Santa Fe Springs are awesome! How awesome? Well, awesome enough to invite me down to talk about Earthling! and visit 4 schools as part of a visiting author program.

So Earthling!, and I, will be back in California.

I’ll be at Lakeview Elementary,  Jersey Avenue Elementary, Rancho Santa Gertrude’s Elementary and St. Pius X Parish School where I will be talking and drawing about Earthling!

I’ll be presenting my How To Make A Graphic Novel talk and letting kids see all the steps involved in the process as well as some of the mistakes I made and learned from.

As usual I will stress that every book, movie or TV show starts with an idea and a pencil.  Everything starts at the ‘Scribbles and script’ stage. That’s where ideas sprout from to become tangible works. You don’t need special equipment or years of technical training to start work. Jump in and start drawing and writing – and revising – today!

I’m looking forward to the visit!

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I had an interesting conversation at a bookstore while traveling. I walked into a beautiful Indy bookstore, in a resort area. They seemed busy, at least in the vacation season and they had a good sized kids book area, but they had no graphic novels. I picked up a few books and talked about the book business with the salesperson. I mentioned that I draw and write books so I follow the industry carefully.

The salesperson was friendly and we discussed the book industry, the reps she liked, surprise hits and then we talked about graphic novels. She said they had tried GN’s when they opened and had horrible sales results. She felt that perhaps grandparents, who make up a lot of their buyers, didn’t like purchasing them. Maybe it was the old notion of a ‘comic book’ not being a REAL literary experience. Or maybe it’s the issue that comics and graphic novels for all ages tend to get mixed together so some buyers aren’t comfortable knowing what material is appropriate.

I suspect it’s a combination of both issues. But GN’s certainly have an issue when it comes to placing them on appropriate shelves for readers and having buyers comfortable with their choices.

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I’m happy to announce that Earthling! has been named the winner in the graphic novel category of the Spirit of Oregon Book Award for 2012. This award is given by the Oregon Council of Teachers of English.

I’m honored that this book was recognized from the reams of other great books that fit the descriptors associated with apprpriate  material for this recognition.

Read more about Earthling! by clicking here or read the first chapter online by clicking here.


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The Czech version of Earthling! is out, or almost out. Or will soon be out. Below is the cover and a page from the book – POZEMSTAN!

My grandfather was born in Prague, so maybe this translation is part of the circle of life. But not the part where lions eat gophers.



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Morning. A crowded city bus.

I sure wish I knew what to buy that special 8 year-old in my life for the Holidays.

I hear ya! I don’t know what to buy my nephew who is 9.

Fish Monger
Me neither. What can I possibly buy for my 10 year old niece this Christmas?

I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. I have a 7 year old and an 11 year old to buy for and I have to get them 8 gifts for Hanukkah!

I’d like to buy them somethings more than a video game or just another toy.

Me to. Like a book.

Bus Driver
You could buy them a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

They already have it.

Bus Driver

Suddenly the bus begins to rock back-and-forth. People fall asunder. A glowing figure steps aboard. It’s hard to clearly see this mysterious figure amongst the bright lights and fog though they are wearing a gold lamé jumpsuit and stand at least 8 feet tall.

Mysterious Figure
You should buy them a copy of the graphic novel – Earthling!.

Fish Monger
You means that graphic novel about a school bus from outer space?

Mysterious Figure

But that’s all science-fictiony and stuff. I don’t know if kids like that.

Mysterious Figure
You mean the way kids don’t like Star Wars and Transformers and such? Not to say Earthling! is exactly like Star Wars or Transformers but they share a genre…

I am researching it using my iPhone and gosh, the reviews sound great! Except for this one, man they really had it out for the guy. Anyway, that’s a great idea! I’ll order one right now from my iPhone!

It’s the perfect gift!

Fish Monger
Well that and a few pounds of fish!

All laugh. Fish monger has a coughing fit.

Bus Driver
(To mysterious stranger) Thanks for the book buying advice but you got a ticket?

Mysterious Stranger
I don’t know. Do you?

Curtain closes.

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Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up! Get in line now for the digital deal of the winter solstice!

Amazon dot com has picked the ebook version of Earthling! to sell via their Kindle store for $1.99!

This is deal of a lifetime. Or should I say a ‘deal of a space-time’? What’s a Kindle? Why the Kindle is one of them tablet devices on which you can read books and look at the moving pictures and play games every waking hour!

Now Earthling!, being a snazzy 256 page graphic novel in full color, well, it will look best and work best on the Kindle Fire or Kindle HD. You know, something with color.

From now until December 22nd, I think, you can get the full graphic novel on the Kindle for a great price. I don’t know how many Kindle’s are out there, I don’t think Amazon tells us that. But If you have one, or know someone who does, why not pick up Earthling!? And I think…I’m not 100% sure, but I think you can buy it via the Kindle App on a Mac, transfer it to the Kindle reader on thei Pad and read it on an iPad as well.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year! Get Earthling! for $1.99 on the Kindle. Or is that ‘for’ the Kindle?

The New York Times said of Earthling!, ” “Earthling!” is the debut graphic novel by Mark Fearing, an illustrator and animator, and it’s an exhilarating hoot.” and “What’s pleasing about “Earthling!,” and will be especially so to tween readers, is how adrenalized and fast paced it is: loads of Whoosh!, Scree! and Thunk! action in the service of suspenseful, inventive plotting.”

So get your digital copy now!

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