I receive emails from people wanting to see samples of my work. It’s not exactly clear on this blog how to do that so I combined links to various online portfolios here.

I’ve recently been updating work on the Adobe Portfolio site. But who knows how long it will be there. But you can see an pretty extensive list of my illustration work by clicking here.

You can visit my website for 20 or 30 samples. I have to admit, I don’t update it that often.

My Flickr pages probably have more recent work.

This is a little ‘feature’ from my website. I call it –  Alien Trading Cards. I love me the sci-fi!

This gallery of work is broader. The subject matter is less oriented towards children’s books. But they are narrative and I tend to try out styles when I do them.

This is an online version of Franz Kafka’s, A Common Experience… short story that I illustrated.

Another online book, this time using Flash called – Over, Under In and On.

3 Responses to Portfolio

  1. virginia anderson says:

    way cool-i love the xmas tags-am going to find your book-i love your style-my father was a bit of a cartoonist and i grew up liking the whole package

  2. Love the alien trading cards too!

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