I’ve received  emails from people wanting to see samples of my work. It’s not exactly clear on this blog how to do that. So I decided to combine links to various online portfolios here.

You can visit my website for 20 or 30 samples. I have to admit, I don’t update it that often.

My Flickr pages probably have more recent work.

This is a little ‘feature’ from my website. I call it –  Alien Trading Cards. I love me the sci-fi!

This gallery of work is broader. The subject matter is less oriented towards children’s books. But they are narrative and I tend to try out styles when I do them.

This is an online version of Franz Kafka’s, A Common Experience… short story that I illustrated.

Another online book, this time using Flash called – Over, Under In and On.

3 Responses to Portfolio

  1. virginia anderson says:

    way cool-i love the xmas tags-am going to find your book-i love your style-my father was a bit of a cartoonist and i grew up liking the whole package

  2. Love the alien trading cards too!

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