The beginning of Etsy?

The beginnings of Etsy?


Panel Cartoon Tuesday


Here I am at 3 trying to get 3 point perspective correct.

Or not.

That’s me at about 6. Not sure BECAUSE we didn’t have the technology to record dates on pictures back then…Truth is, the date written on the back on the picture has faded out.

And no, I wasn’t a heavy smoker, it was a bubble pipe. I saw a picture of an artist with a pipe and thought that was the key to drawing hands correctly. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t it because most of the time my drawings of hands still suck.

Now I sit in front of my computer screen and draw till my arm hurts but  I don’t smoke a bubble pipe anymore. It’s Kit Kats and Twix that are slowly killing me.


A repost from my giant directory of panel cartoons…


A nice review call-out as a perfect fit for 1st graders over at the 1st Grade Reading blog.

Now on sale in fine bookstore and curiosity shops around the country. And oddly enough 7-11’s. If you buy two Slurpies you get a copy of the book. But you have to ask for it.


I’m kidding. About the 7-11’s, not the book. There is a book and maybe it is on some 7-11’s, but I doubt it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask next time you’re dilly-dallying there filling up on snacks.

Dilly this Dally that

It’s out. My new book Dilly Dally Daisy is out and ready to run around Ten years in the making, millions of hours of work, tens of thousands of extras – wait. None of that is true.

But the dilly-dallying has ended. Go buy 10 copies. It’s best that way.




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