What summer vacation?

I’ve been pretty absent from the blog the past months. Of course there are the usual excuses like the VEP’s ‘Very Exciting Projects’ that everyone talks about on blogs. The old “I can’t show you yet!” Or “I will unveil it as soon as I can!”

This is so much more mundane. It’s just deadlines – good old fashioned ‘if you want to get paid, turn this in’ deadlines. Lots of deadlines. Right now I am writing this pretty much to avoid working on something with a deadline that’s approaching at the speed a dog heads for the dropped hotdog at a summer picnic.

So I better get back to work, ignore the shining sun outside and start drawing. I think things will be under control by November.

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The $1,700 version of The Book That Eats People

Once again the rare, gold plated version of The Book That Eats People is on sale on Amazon for $1,721.91. It’s nice to see the point 91. It’s pretty close to $1,722 which WOULD BE an outrageous price…

Gotta love these ‘bot’ mark-ups on Amazon. I’m pretty sure the book is still available for 12 or 13 bucks at most book stores.

RULE: When it gets over a thousand bucks it’s best to keep shopping.


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Just saw this…

Just saw this email from Barnes & Noble. It’s good to see James Patterson finally has a new book out. It’s been what – 2, 3 days since his last one?

That man writes while he sleeps, that’s the only way I can figure it out.



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What was I drawing?

What did I spend last year drawing?





And Barbarians.



Superhero Instruction Manual is out now (so go buy a dozen copies already!), Chicken Story Time will be out in December and Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians we be unleashed in February of 2017. What am I drawing now? You’ll have to wait and see.



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iPad Pro Sketches

Two more drawings done with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. It’s very interesting how the materials we use effect what our drawings look like. How I draw and paint, how I build up shadow – it’s very different when I use Adobe Sketch on the iPad. I’m enjoying using it as basically digital color pencils. I am not in love of painting on it. But then again, I am not a painter! I am at my best when I am drawing.

These were done at my daughter’s softball game. But only one was truly inspired by the events at the game. Guys which one.



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iPad Pro Sketch

It’s been a while since I posted any drawings done on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I’ve been doing a lot of quick sketching but have started to use Adobe Sketch to do some color drawings. No high concept here, I literally just start drawing and let whatever happens happen.


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Between spelling errors and some odd-blogness, this post is being reposted!

As I have discussed on this blog – I am a tea drinker. Worked at a tea import shop in college and it stuck with me. But I am not a good shopper. What I mean is I tend to buy only the things I set out to buy. I need  new socks, I buy them. I want a specific book, I go buy it (unfortunately book buying happens way too often as also bemoaned on this blog). But when I came across these awesome tea cups, I did the thing capitalists love, and I bought them. No regrets.


At first they look like a beautiful traditional teahouse design, but look carefully and your time with your cup of tea just became a lot more interesting/frightening!



Calamityware is the brainchild and wrist child, of designer/illustrator Don Moyer. He has all kinds of calamity inspired wares on the website.  These particular mugs are called the “Things-Could-Be-Worse Mugs”. And indeed, things can always be worse as we are learning this election season.

You can read about Don and his career in design on the website.


When I saw these porcelain tea cups with assorted creatures and their obvious love of detail, I knew they deserved a place with my next cup of Assam. They are so smart and casual and well done. Beautifully designed and wonderfully made. Now if I can just hold out against ordering the plates on the website! 

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