Moving work to  anew computer means finding a lot of old files. Here’s the first two panels of an old story.




With Dilly Dally Daisy almost here…wait. You might ask “What is Dilly Dally Daisy?” It’s a new picture book I wrote and illustrated that will be released shortly. 

Anyway, I’ve been asked what exactly do I think dilly-dallying is?

I have my own beliefs on this subject and I don’t see dilly-dallying as a bad thing. The dictionary says dilly-dallying is “… Loitering and delaying and wasting time”. Harsh! And here I will part from the dictionary with my practical knowledge of dilly-dallying.

For me dilly-dallying implies a personal interest that is being acted on – even if it’s not On Topic. ‘Loitering’ is such a clinical word. And ‘Wasting Time’ implies a moral or ethical failing. Yuck.

For me dilly-dallying is not such a bad thing and it’s part of the time where our mind wanders and ideas and imagination can sprout. It’s actually the opposite of being a couch potato. It’s the behavior that often drives parents crazy because kids are SO active in their real and imaginary life. Dilly-dallying can seem exhausting to an adult. After all we have things to do and places to be we just don’t have time for all this other stuff!

Of course kids do have deadlines and appointments and sometimes dilly-dallying has to be overcome. For instance, I have to stop reading blogs, posting on my blog and composing Tweets and actually draw today.

But it’s important to keep some dilly dally in your daily life. Daisy can teach you how!


A copy of an old animated short I made showed up on You Tube. It originally aired on Nicktoons in a Halloween special. I did not place it on You Tube. I’m not entirely sure who did, but that’s OK… I think. No money exchanged hands anyway. But how did they get a copy!? Annnywaaaaay –

You can watch (for free!) my animated short The Thing with No Head by clicking here. It is narrated by Brian Doyle Murray. It is awesomely narrated by Brian Doyle Murray! He of Caddy Shack and Saturday Night Live fame and older brother to Bill Murray and he was Gus on the Chris Elliot show and on a bunch of other sitcoms ETC, ETC, ETC.


And if you are at all taken with the animated short, check out the ebook I did based on the animated short (It’s only available on the Apple iBooks Store for $1.99) I had more time and so the ebook is different. The animated short was my final first year project at UCLA’s animation program. So, you know, I was learning! OK -I Still am learning. I learn that everyday too.


A review for my new book, Dilly Dally Daisy is up at the Dad of Divas’ site. Thanks for taking the time to review the book! It’s exciting to be so close to the book’s release.

It’s always a little nerve-racking when review time comes around. As I have mentioned here before, I try and follow reviews with my peripheral vision as if looking at them too directly will cause retina damage. I like to know generally what’s being said but it still causes me anxiety.

And here is a nice review published at Kirkus earlier in the year. Maybe I already published this review? I could check the blog…I’ll just post it again.

While my new book is inspired by my daughter and her friend, I too have a tendency to dilly dally. This blog is a fine example. “Hey, I could be revising a manuscript or finishing my illustrations … how ’bout I write something for the blog instead!”


Other things that are prime dilly dally material – gardening (buying plants ETC), cleaning, organizing my studio, looking at books online – BUYING books online, going to coffee shops, going to bookstores – BUYING books at bookstores, grocery store visits and plenty more. I have a theory that 70% of the American Economy now runs because of dilly-dallying.

But I think dilly-dallying isn’t all bad. As a person with a somewhat imaginative mind, dilly-dallying is what makes my world work. Keeping a balance is the tough part. Things still have to get done. But enjoying the ramble through the forest is just a important as getting to the cabin.


How do you dilly dally? What favorite pastimes do you allow yourself to jump into when you have something else that may NEED to be done? What things do you take extra time with even when you don’t need to do them in order to get your projects done?  I’ll share some of my dilly-dallying in the next few weeks. Drawing these will be a great excuse to dilly dally!

I’m going to spend one day at Comic Con this year. One day should be enough. I haven’t been back to The Con for 2 or 3 years now. I don’t expect it to be any different but for being more crowded than I remember.

Dilly Dally Daisy comes out in a few weeks. It’s a picture book, and perfect for any family or kid that seems to find everything to do but what they are expected to do.


Kind of like blogging is for me during summer. It feels too much like homework when the sun is shining and the front yard needs work.

I just finished illustrating a new picture book. I’m guessing it’s done, but maybe there will be one or two small revisions yet. I’m very proud of it and I think it will find an abundant audience. It’s called Superhero Instruction Manual, written by Kristy Dempsey. And oddly enough it is not about Superheroes!

That’s not true. It IS about Superheroes. I won’t talk or write or show any art form it until it’s almost ready for sale. But it’s a funny and cute (in a good way) manuscript and I had great fun illustrating it.

I’m also in the middle of painting a LOT of chickens for another picture book. More at that as the feathers clear. Looking to send that off to the publisher by the end of August. Or I will try to do that – unless I’m dilly-dallying too much.

And it’s the time of year when I usually decide on a few manuscripts to submit to my agent. I’m afraid my middle grade novel will not make the cut. It’s not ready and I’ve run out of time this summer to work on it. I think it needs to stand a bit, age, ripen, cure…whatever it does when I’m not looking at the words on its pages.

But a few new picture books have bounced around enough and I think they may be read for my agent to take a look at. Or not…


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