Free Gift Tags!

Some additional gift tags for 2011!

Click on the image above to download the free gift tags in JPG format in a zipped archieve.

Of course if you are giving a copy of The Book That Eats People, what could be better than a charming book carnivore tightly wrapped up for the Holidays on the gift tag!

Click HERE to download The Book That Eats People gift tag.

The 2011 gift tags are inspired by zombies, Edward Gorey and things that go bump in the snow.

Click on the image above to download a high resolution file to print.


The 2009 Gift Tags are ready. The theme this year is Cats and Dogs. I might have time to post a new set of Abby and Bigfoot tags this year, but I’m not sure. Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Click on the Cat and Dog artwork above to download a high-res PDF file you can print and cut out.


It’s all new gift tags for 2008! Click the image above to download a high-res file (150 dpi JPG) to print out.

Introducing Abby the Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot. It’s the free gift tag page! Yes these lovely tags can be yours to print and use on your packages. The 2007 tags have Abby snowboarding, bigfoot skiing and the two of them exchanging Yak heads in boxes. (funny they bought one another the same thing!)


Download a high res zipped JPG by Clicking here.

As a extra, super-special, holiday bonus, you can also download last years gift tags! In 2006 it was Abby, Bigfoot and special guest Santa!

Download a high res zipped JPG of the 2006 tags by Clicking here.

Happy Holidays!


17 Responses to Free Gift Tags!

  1. ryanhovland says:

    These look awesome, Mark! I look forward to using them this year : )


  2. Rita says:

    These are so awesome. I’m really excited.

    Thank you!!!😀


  3. Loopy Lou says:

    These are so CUTE, so very cuddly. I wanna see some with Abby and Strawberry Shortcake! They nice, not naughty or ugly.

  4. Tim Wendler says:

    Mark –

    These are awesome – I always wondered what Bigfoot did for tags on his gifts.


  5. oooh! Thanks for the gift tags. You’re very generous with your abominable snowmen/Sasquatches.

  6. Ann says:

    These are the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile–THANK YOU!!!

  7. Sara says:

    I have looked all over the Internet for tags that are clever but not too cutsie. These are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  8. Uncle Steve says:

    Hi Mark,
    I saw your art hanging in the Lakewood center, WOW
    Love It

  9. Paul V. says:

    Wonderful gift tags – thank you very much. They are just perfect for me.

  10. Ace! says:

    Thanks for the gift tags, they are just what I wanted. Very nice illustrations. I think the kids will really enjoy them, maybe more than I.

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  12. Mike Cressy says:

    Great stuff as usual Mark! I keep meaning to do something like this every year and every year I’m bogged down by other work… although I couldn’t really say that last year. I was just lazy.
    Maybe during the Xmas break I’ll start it for next year.
    Happy Holidays buddy!


  13. Jay P says:

    Oh these are great. Love the 2011 ones and was so happy to see that I could grab all the previous year’s ones. Thanks.

  14. Dawn says:

    Thank you – they are such fun – I will use them next year and I am sure they will spread much joy!

  15. These are ace Mark! Gosh darn it, only sorry I found them the wrong side of xmas this year!

  16. lorigreer says:

    These are so cute! I can’t wait to download them!

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