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Yeah!? Well, listen to this!

I’m in the mood to vent today. Between the silliness of having a charter school in West Linn ( where I live, because you know public schools are so bad here…)  or the national political slow motion car accident that is the … Continue reading

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Whacha watching?

When I draw and paint I often have my trusty iPad on and stream movies and TV shows. Depending on how focused I need to be effects what I watch. If I’m writing I usually just have music on if … Continue reading

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Working hard or hardly working…

I received a few really funny emails about my previous post, but of course what this really shows is – all of us are busy reading the internet instead of doing work. So…yeah, there’s that.  

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The joys of working at home…

People always think that work-from-home folks have it easy. And a work at home author or illustrator has it the easiest. But at this beautiful time of year in Oregon it would be a lot easier if I had a … Continue reading

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What summer vacation?

I’ve been pretty absent from the blog the past months. Of course there are the usual excuses like the VEP’s ‘Very Exciting Projects’ that everyone talks about on blogs. The old “I can’t show you yet!” Or “I will unveil it … Continue reading

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Just saw this…

Just saw this email from Barnes & Noble. It’s good to see James Patterson finally has a new book out. It’s been what – 2, 3 days since his last one? That man writes while he sleeps, that’s the only … Continue reading

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I am revising. I will revise. I have revised. I am revising.

Working on a new picture book. When I say new, I mean I wrote the original idea for it about 9 years ago. A publisher acquired it last year. I started working on it earlier this year. Now I’m revising … Continue reading

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