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My retirement. Career change. Interview.

I’m announcing a career change today. This is abrupt and I haven’t been able to talk to my agent Sean about it yet but I’m sure he will understand. I’ve decided to become a Literary Agent for dogs and Cats. The following is a short interview … Continue reading

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On it’s way in May, the first of several books I illustrated that are coming out this year. Right now I am busy illustrating a picture book I wrote that comes out next year and writing books that I have no … Continue reading

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Saturday, Sunday, Editday…

The past few days I have been editing a new manuscript. Well, an old manuscript (about a year old) that is now a new manuscript. This is a pretty major revision on a longer text. I actually enjoyed it, once … Continue reading

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So what was all that about?

The truth about F.H Longwell Over the past 18 weeks I’ve been posting a story about explorer F.H Longwell. This character started out as a promotional handout 3 or 4 years ago. I wrote, designed, illustrated and then printed and bound a small … Continue reading

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6,000 year and counting…

An appropriate post to follow up on my questions about ‘reboots’. Fairytales have been told and retold far longer than we initially believed and have rich implications for the various cultures that were running into one another for thousands of years … Continue reading

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Will computers be writing books in the future?

There’s lots of buzz in the computer world about Artificial Intelligence (often called AGI now) and at least once a month I have a pretty long-winded discussion with friends about this subject. Big Data and Recurrent Neural Networks are all … Continue reading

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Exploring Barnes and Noble with an author/illustrator

The Many Faces of a visit to Barnes & Noble by a kids book author/illustrator. Or, How I Never Stopped Worrying and didn’t need to Learn to be Neurotic…

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