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Animation Monday

I’m back on this horse. It used to be Animation Wednesday. But I’ve moved it. No room on Wednesdays anymore. All I can promise about Animation Monday, is a post that is about animation. Kind of. In some way. Sort … Continue reading

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I’ll never be as good as…

I wish I could draw like Ronald Searle did. I wish I cold tell stories like Stephen King. I wish I could paint like Howard Pyle. I wish I could draw like Walt Kelly. I wish I could write like … Continue reading

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Drawings that tell a story.

I recently acquired the book titled – Story – from the Disney Archive series. It’s really a collection of storyboard and story art from various animated Disney films through history. From Snow White to Lilo And Stitch, including art for … Continue reading

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Animation Wednesday

Some films get better with age, some get worse and some keep impressing you. Watching a film years after you first saw it can be a surreal experience. You remember a great movie, what you watch is dreck. This is … Continue reading

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Off Topic Monday – Freelance Fun

A post all about working in big companies. And an excuse to post some of my panel cartoons! I do a lot of freelance work in design. I’m happy to say 80% of my work is now illustration related, but … Continue reading

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Disney Thursday

I have a great deal of interest in Walt Disney, as does almost anyone who works in mass media, drawing, animation and story telling. One aspect that really interests me is how after Disney died, the work went downhill, for … Continue reading

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Animation Monday – Disney

The Old Mill. The Academy Award winning cartoon by Disney from 1937(?) It features the multiplane camera in all it’s 3D glory. An amazing short for it’s time and it still looks beautiful today. They were experimenting with just about … Continue reading

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