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Hey! Winter nice to see you. Not.

Been a bit quiet around here. I’ve been busy and spent a lot of time in airports having flights cancelled. But I’m back just in time to get snowed on. I don’t mind winter, no that’s not true. I’m not … Continue reading

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Another page from the dead sketchbook

It’s a busy week. Trying to get some rewrites done and revise art for a new picture book. So you will be seeing a lot of pages from the dearly departed moleskin. Sitting on an airplane for 4 hours will … Continue reading

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Sketchbook Stuff

Another couple of pages from my recently deceased sketchbook. (It’s full now)

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Travel time = drawing time.

One of the positives of traveling is that I get time to sketch and draw outside of deadlines and projects. Usually random stuff. I’m not a big ‘draw the building I see’ kind of person. After this last trip I … Continue reading

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Thanks for staying with us!

Here’s an idea. Don’t name your company something that it is not. If you sell cod liver oil, Mr. Delicious isn’t the right name. Use something more like Cod Liver Oil Inc. Same goes for the Quality Inn we stayed … Continue reading

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Off on the road to New Hampshire

States are small out here. I mean really small. You can fit Rhode Island into Oregon over 9,000 times. Just walking into the Dunkin Donuts store from the parking lot I went through three states. New Hampshire has a famous … Continue reading

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I just saw you.

When I visit the East coast I am reminded of long forgotten things from my youth. Like humidity. Is it a cultural advantage that the West Coast rarely, if ever, gets nailed with humid weather? Probably not. But it should … Continue reading

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