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Morning Victories!

The day starts off great when I get up early enough to get dressed and let the dog out before I have to begin the process of waking my daughter. Then I have to negotiate enquiring if her hair is brushed and her face … Continue reading

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Homework fun! Homework fun?

Having a child means dealing with The Homework Issue. Most kids AND adults don’t love homework. My daughter hasn’t been thrilled with the reasons I give for doing homework. And I admit either have I. They are pretty big picture – to … Continue reading

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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

You read that headline right. Here in the US, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is May, 15th.  I’m a big fan of cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies. I spent many years working in a bakery. The 4:30 AM shift wasn’t … Continue reading

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Recycle bins are your friend!

I’ve been cleaning out my studio. And filling the recycle bin. Filling and refilling the recycle bin. Wow. Animation timing sheets and countless reams of old drawings have been collecting dust for too long. I saved a few things and scanned … Continue reading

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Career path? Off-Roadin’ is more like it.

I was recently asked about my ‘career’ by someone interested in writing and illustrating books. I still have a difficult time saying this is my ‘career’. I have worked as an art director, character designer, UI designer, graphic designer, producer, … Continue reading

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The Good Days

There are a few really good days being a full-time author/illustrator. Getting checks is nice of course. After all, the food doesn’t buy itself. But really the best days are when you get the book you worked on for a … Continue reading

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Kids draw the scariest things…

My daughters drawing in chalk on the sidewalk and a camera filter make for a great image.

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