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Science Fiction in the media. 1957

My dad has an awesome library of old books from various genres. He has an extensive collection of science fiction collections for the 1940’s-1970’s. I was looking at The Treasury of Science Fiction Classics from 1954 edited by Harold Kuebler. And … Continue reading

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School Visit Art

Any author or illustrator will tell you that school visits provide a great deal of inspiration and fun. Getting out of my studio and seeing kids in action in classrooms and libraries in fantastic. And I never know what questions … Continue reading

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Science non-fiction

How about a reality TV show that sends people to  Mars to establish a colony? Sounds like a great sci-fi book or movie. Or…actually a TV show about real people settling Mars. Click that link. You gotta read this…Then come … Continue reading

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Earthling! Wherefore art thou?

The image above is a blueprint of Cosmos Academy. The school that Bud ends up attending in Earthling!. Click on it and you can actually read what it says. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you click on it. OK. You’re … Continue reading

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About A Book Wednesday

End of the World stories are one of my favorite genres, and this charmer is from 1956. Once again it’s edited by Donald Wollheim and this time it has the Philip K Dick short story, Imposter. I’m pretty sure you … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes on Star Trek

Here’s a set of behind the scenes pictures from the original Star Trek TV series. They are fun for many reasons. Seeing the actors in unguarded moments as well as seeing the sets and special effects that they used on the … Continue reading

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