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All the troubles in the world.

I enjoy doing school visits every year. They are exhausting, and I can’t do many, but I get a lot out of the visits. Talking about writing and drawing is always fun (something IS wrong with me!). But I also … Continue reading

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Art from Hoquiam, Washington Schools!

Spent a great week in Hoquiam, Washington visiting students. I want to thank the teachers and Principals who made it all possible and run so smoothly. Here are jus ta few photos of the great art made by students! Chickens … Continue reading

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Insane culture of competitiveness

Having a kid in elementary school is a great reminder of ones age. You think about what school was like when you were a kid and quickly learn how much has changed! And mostly for the better honestly. But one thing … Continue reading

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It’s November. Time for a new website.

There is a NEW kid on the block. A shiny new website. Fancy mobile versions can be automatically generated and I can add to the portfolio as easily as I upload a picture of my breakfast to Facebook. will … Continue reading

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School Visits to Kennewick, WA

I spent a week visiting the schools in Kennewick Washington and the Tri-Cities area. By the end of the week I had spoken to at least 1,800 students. Plus I did 6 workshops. It was a lot of fun but it was … Continue reading

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Focus in multiple dimensions.

Lately a number of people have talked (or technically communicated with me via email…do we all refer to email communications as talking now?) to me about the challenges and difficulties of working from home. It’s important to remember that I … Continue reading

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La Center School Visit

I had a wonderful two days at the K-8 school in La Center Washington. Thanks to Lynn for inviting me up and making all the arrangements and thanks to all the teachers and librarians who helped make it a great visit. … Continue reading

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