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All that old stuff…

The bookshelves in my house are not filled only with old paperbacks but also old magazines. This 1943 Newsweek (kids will soon be asking: what’s a magazine?) is filled with plenty of war time stories and ads from companies who are making … Continue reading

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Break-ups can be tough.

I was a very early fan of, but now Amazon is deciding what to sell based not on what customers want, but on how much they can undercut pricing and harm the publishers. I have come to believe that … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s new picture book series.

No, I haven’t been hired to illustrate Justin Bieber’s new line of picture books. And I don’t think he has one…but the fact that he might tells us a lot about our culture and the world of publishing today. From … Continue reading

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Nice review about Martha and the bad beans

A good review for Martha and her mean green beans at CCBooks!  From the review: “However, as other book characters have discovered, losing your parents often has the uncomfortable side effect of making you miss the, so Martha, accompanied by … Continue reading

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My work wouldn’t suck if I didn’t do such sucky work…

As a author or an illustrator or a author-illustrator, how can I make my work better? Better can mean a lot of things, but for the sake of this posting and the fact that the word ‘commercial’ is inherent in … Continue reading

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I can’t shout anymore. My throat hurts.

Part Two. The question is, how does anyone successfully sell any media creation these days? Other than buying a hundred million in TV, where else can you find eyeballs? So the community and friends centered social media platforms and services … Continue reading

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I’m shouting loudly! Hello!?

Social media as marketing tool is the topic on the lips of editors, publishers, writers and artists. And marketing executives and owners of Facebook stock. It’s been trumpeted time-and-time again the past few years that you need massive outreach into … Continue reading

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