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It’s THAT post…

Oh, oh. It’s THAT post. Earth is an amazing place even without humans. But humans – they are amazing in their own ways too. Human imagination and the technology that comes from it changes everything. From stone tools to ethernet humans … Continue reading

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National Mood

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“May you live in interesting times.”

No one ever said this would be easy. The whole of history says it will not be. And I have no answers and am as interested in how this will work as the next person. There was no promise that … Continue reading

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Politics in October.

This is a longer post and doesn’t include any funny drawings. Well, maybe I can add one. I had a politcal argument this morning. Innocent enough, someone said something that upset me and I got into my fight or flight state … Continue reading

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Another day…

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Time to walk the dog

Every time I walk the dog I remind myself not to think about politics. Instead I work on my ideas and stories. Worrying about politics is like trying to cure cancer with bandaids. I campaigned in my youth, went door-to-door. I worked … Continue reading

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Pretty Quiet. And no more politics here.

It’s been pretty quiet around these blog parts lately. It’s my fault. I mean, who else’s would it be? I have to say the politics in this country is very depressing right now. And I am not talking about any … Continue reading

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