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I finally got to see Pixar’s Brave and I really enjoyed it. By FAR the best animated film of last year. I can’t understand the many mediocre reviews I read about it. Perhaps because I am less a fanboy at … Continue reading

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Animation Monday

I’m back on this horse. It used to be Animation Wednesday. But I’ve moved it. No room on Wednesdays anymore. All I can promise about Animation Monday, is a post that is about animation. Kind of. In some way. Sort … Continue reading

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Car Carter on Mars

I was a huge fan of the John Carter on Mars series when I was young. I even made little models of what I thought all the various ships and technology would look like. I am very excited to see … Continue reading

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Animation Monday – Lou Romano

This week, I’m not linking to a clip, but to a great animation artist named Lou Romano. For those involved in animation you already know his work. If I can introduce a person or two to him, all the better. … Continue reading

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