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No art there yet…

I just saw this listing for Giant Pants on Amazon, a picture book to be released in October of 2017. No art there yet, but I know a great deal about this book. I wrote the first draft almost 10 years … Continue reading

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I rearranged the studio and I’m ready to work again. Sounds silly but sometimes you just have to change things up where you work. And as I work from home I spend a LOT of time in this one room. … Continue reading

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It’s not the weather, it’s the Barbarians

I’m going to stop writing about the weather. I mean really, isn’t there anything else I’d like to write about? Anything? Nothing!? Oh yeah, there is a certain something that occupies a lot of my mind right now, but I … Continue reading

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Letters from the Oregon Arctic

8 days and counting since last I saw the green of grass. It’s like Minnesota took a family vacation to the West Coast and won’t leave. Actually how many days has this actual winter grounded Portland metro? How much school … Continue reading

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I’m going to write a book today.

“I’m going to write a book today.” I said to myself, Then sat down and … I tried that once. When I was first attempting to break into picture books, I remember a day in Pasadena where I cleared my schedule … Continue reading

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I bought the book for a reason!

I’m trying to…TYRING TO…cut back on the number of books I have. And while that is an ugly sentence it’s the best way to say it. I don’t want to ‘rid’ myself of books. Or ‘throw out’ books. Or ‘get rid of’ books, … Continue reading

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It’s called a Book Birthday

Chicken Story Time has been let out of the coop! Buy it, find it, read it, buy a few dozen more copies…same old thing. Available all over the galaxy starting today. I’m pretty sure it’s the best picture book ever … Continue reading

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