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Sometimes I don’t paint silly, funny, wacky monsters. Sometimes my old fine art background bites me in the behind and I paint something like this. I really like this painting and would love to print it out at about 6 … Continue reading

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Stream of conscious quick sketch

Stuck on revising a manuscript. Opened Photoshop and drew this. Now back to the real work.  

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Focus in multiple dimensions.

Lately a number of people have talked (or technically communicated with me via email…do we all refer to email communications as talking now?) to me about the challenges and difficulties of working from home. It’s important to remember that I … Continue reading

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The time of year

An old painting, but appropriate this time of year here in Oregon.  

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Over the past few years I have gotten pretty bad at updating and maintaining an online portfolio. On my website I have a dozen or so images and it’s a lot of work to update and change them and I’m not … Continue reading

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Black and white … and gray.

This was one of the first black & white drawings I ever added to my portfolio. I still like this style, not too cartoony and the line stayed fresh and loose. I’d love to do more black and white work but I … Continue reading

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Collage fun.

I found this while going through old CD archives. I did this piece (a long, long time ago) as a poster for a comedy group in Los Angeles. I think they used it in black and white. I didn’t remember painting … Continue reading

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