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Speaking at schools and libraries and ice cream stores…

I have been contacted by a few teachers recently who have seen my presentation on narrative art and asked that I post some of the information. I do a presentation called Drawing Stories which looks at picture books in detail … Continue reading

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Sometime after you turn 30…

I’ve been wondering when exactly middle age begins. I think it’s an imprecise term. I remember kids in 4th grade who were more middle aged in their behavior than some people I know who are in their 50’s. My definition … Continue reading

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What are you good at?

Every illustrator and author/illustrator has different strengths and weaknesses in their work. Of course to some extent this is subjective. But overall we naturally do some things better. For instance, don’t ask me to draw a horse unless I can … Continue reading

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Oregon Children’s Theatre posters

The final art for the poster – Sideways Stories from the Wayside School, based on the book by Louis Sachar. This is another production from the Oregon Children’s Theatre in their new season. Click the are below to see larger … Continue reading

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Illustration Monday: Paul and Gëtan Brizzi

If you are not familiar with the work of these two brothers, check the site linked below. If you are a person who loves draftsmanship skills, it doesn’t get too much better than the Brizzi brothers. I have never met … Continue reading

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New Painting

Above is a close up and below is a low res, small size of a new digital painting I’m working on. The original piece is over 26 inches long, and I think it will be a great looking digital print. … Continue reading

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Not really on topic…and yet it is

A great listing of quotes about Apple Computer at Wired made me laugh. “Apple as we know it is cooked. It’s so classic. It’s so sad.” — Stan Dolberg of Forrester Research, quoted by the New York Times in 1996. … Continue reading

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