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It’s come to this…

shot and processed on my iPhone. It’s come to this, posting pictures of my cat. I eat lunch most days (well, summer days anyway) on the back porch and most often I am joined by our cat, Ravi. He always … Continue reading

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Below is the homepage for the the Peanut Corporation of America that has been busy shipping salmonella contaminated peanut butter out to kids around the country. First thing I learned, this stuff has nothing to do with the tasty pink … Continue reading

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Off Topic Tuesday

Monty Python on Election Night coverage. “This is exactly like I predicted, except that the Silly Party won.” Wow. They did this long before 24-7 cable news channels. It’s gotten worse. Both in coverage and the fact we really do … Continue reading

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Off Topic Friday – gotta see this

Story telling, illustration and escaping into fantastic worlds are great, but I find it harder and harder to concentrate on such things these past few months. And now we are, well, we are ‘In it.’ I’m embedding a link to … Continue reading

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Off Topic Sunday presents- Facebook

It’s off-topic Sunday! Where I, well, you know, write an off topic post. Today it’s Facebook. So I have a Facebook account. After 6 people emailed me in like a two week span, I gave in and got me one. … Continue reading

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