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Ant Facts!

I love me the insect science stories and this one is great. From Scientific American the inside story on Crazy Ants. Acid spewing, fire ant defeating nasties. “Named for their butterscotch color and erratic movements, tawny crazy ants are the … Continue reading

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Introverted in the age of Facebook

I’ve linked to an interesting article on the value of introverts on The Guardian site. I’ve had various personality style tests in my life. Twice when I was promoted to managerial positions and once in college. I’ve always had conflicting … Continue reading

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You disgust me!

An interesting article in the New York Times by James Gorman about research into disgust. I had never contemplated disgust as a psychological reaction that has cultural and perhaps evolutionary underpinnings. And as I think about it, it’s amazing how … Continue reading

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Comic Strip Pages of America – rejoice!

I haven’t been too kind to comic strips. I love the art form, have read them all my life (produced a few mediocre ones) but I have come to dislike the current state of most newspaper comic pages. A big … Continue reading

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Worth a read – Frank Rich of the New York Times

Frank Rich crafts a fine editorial about race and hysteria in modern America. It’s worth a click. A read. Maybe printing it out and handing it to some  friends or family who would consider his opinions. From the article- “The … Continue reading

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