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A couple more sketches I did on my iPad. I’m switching to a new app for a week or two today. These were drawn in Sketch Club with the 53 pencil.

The black and white Is a typical quick character study. The color one is a painting that includes a bunch of my favorite things – textures that build mass, simple shapes that imply volume and light and of course a character that conveys some narrative.

I’m learning to like drawing on the iPad.


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 I’m doing a bit of sketching on my iPad during my travels. Below are a few. These were done with the 53 pencil and an Adonit Jot in the Sketch Club App. Only the top one, Mr. Poe, is of a real person. The others are just doodles.


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Yeah, it’s one of those posts – all about me. Anyway, The folks at Sub It Club (a fine blog to follow if you are into publishing or writing or need help getting through those rejection letters and emails we all get from editors and art directors!) called me up (well, emailed me) and asked if I would partake in an interview. Said interview was done and it’s posted now. Apparently I talked too much (no surprise there…my teacher taped my mouth shut in first grade)  so the interview is in two chunks. A double chunk interview. Yum! Served with whip cream and cherries I hope.


I talk about the self promotion I have attempted to do and about my current projects and such.

Sub It Club has a ton of useful info and posts about submitting work to publishers and interviews with lots of artists on how they make their way in the world of being freelancers.


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I’ve been cleaning out my studio. And filling the recycle bin. Filling and refilling the recycle bin. Wow.

Animation timing sheets and countless reams of old drawings have been collecting dust for too long. I saved a few things and scanned a few others. I spent hours going through character designs from old animation projects, odds and ends from sketchbooks (I was keeping way too many old sketchbooks for some reason), life drawings and random pieces that were no doubt the start of something great, 18 years ago…. I pulled out a book dummy or two. But I must have thrown out at least 80 pounds of paper. It will take two or three weeks to get it all in the recycle bin.3

You can’t keep it all. You just can’t. As I finish all my work digitally now the only physically tangible aspects of a project in progress I have are sketches and roughs. These past 10 years I have held onto way too much.


I’ll post a few scans of stuff along the way.

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accI joined Adobe’s new Pay Monthly scheme. I had a ‘deal’ that ran out in 2013, it saved me like 20 bucks a month. I’ve put it off for a year and finally decided to try it. I’ll let you know how I like it.

If you’re not familiar with what I am talking about let me tell you about Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Adobe now sells access to ALL their apps for $50.00 a month or $30.00 (for one year) if you had a previous Production Bundle. So you pay a monthly fee for access to ALL of their apps. Which they claim they even update (debug) more often now. It also includes a lot of apps I will never open.

But it’s not a horrible deal, unless of course you get to a point where you don’t want to pay a monthly fee (or can’t afford to), but all your files are in the Adobe formats, then if you don’t keep paying I guess you are out of luck.

On the other hand, if you were buying the production bundle every two years, that was $1,500 or more.

All in all if Adobe actually spends time updating their apps instead of building new installs, I’d be happy I guess. But Adobe has really been nothing but disappointment for the past 15 years or so. Buggy apps, unsupported formats, they were late to support OSX with Photoshop, and generally it’s a company that seems to offer very little to its customers. Now I have no choice but to use Adobe products. I know them, I’ve used them for many, many years. I generally like them. Yet, I have no positive feeling for the company. And I use their software EVERY DAY to do my work. All my books are drawn and painted in Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator. I animate in After Effects. I edit sound in Audition and before that SoundBooth and I use InDesign for all my layout and ebook designs. So what went wrong?

Maybe it was how little effort they seemed to put into upgrades. Maybe it was how Adobe tried to force Flash on everyone, everywhere. Maybe it was how they reacted when Steve Jobs very clearly pointed out the shortcomings of Flash on mobile. Or maybe just how buggy much of what they shipped was.

But here I am shipping some dollars to them every month. I guess they win. You don’t need to like ’em. Just pay ’em.

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I’m fortunate to be taking part in a children’s book illustration show at the Multnomah County Library in December! This is sponsored by The SCBWI an organization I have been a member of since 1932. OK. That’s not true. It was about 1950 I joined…OK, OK not true. But I have been a member since the 20th century. That I can say.

I think there are 11 or 12 illustrators in the show and there is an opening reception where the illustrators fight it out with pencils until there’s only one illustrator left standing. Then we all have tea.

Wait. That’s not right. But there is an opening reception on Saturday, December 21st from noon-2. Stop by and ask if Dr.Seuss is there and say hi to all the local illustrators taking part.

The show looks at the work that goes into making a book. So we will have sketches and development work on display as well as some finished art.

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