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Look what I found! A bunch of 26 x 18 posters on my doorstep. It’s a fine message – but in the photo of the poster above you can hardly make out the little figure in the upper left who is busy reading (see close-up below).closeup.

Ahhhh, no it makes sense!

It’s a painting of mine I had started a long while ago, then I had an opportunity to design a poster – quickly. And I thought this worked.

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A couple more sketches I did on my iPad. I’m switching to a new app for a week or two today. These were drawn in Sketch Club with the 53 pencil.

The black and white Is a typical quick character study. The color one is a painting that includes a bunch of my favorite things – textures that build mass, simple shapes that imply volume and light and of course a character that conveys some narrative.

I’m learning to like drawing on the iPad.


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 I’m doing a bit of sketching on my iPad during my travels. Below are a few. These were done with the 53 pencil and an Adonit Jot in the Sketch Club App. Only the top one, Mr. Poe, is of a real person. The others are just doodles.


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Only a week or so left before Tommy Can’t Stop hits book stores and libraries! Find a copy at a local bookseller (using Indie Bound can help!) or you can order it at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

What’s the book about? Here’s the official description:

Tommy bounces, and he leaps. Tommy clomps, and he bulldozes. Nothing tires Tommy out, and his family can’t keep up! But then his sister has an idea: could tap class be just right for Tommy?

This exuberant picture book, written by Broadway dancer Tim Federle, with illustrations by Mark Fearing, stars one very energetic kid who finally finds his place in the spotlight.


Tommy can’t Stop was written by Tim Federle and illustrated by me. You can read more about the book at my website.

I’ll be posting some art from the book as I dance my way towards the release day. I’ll be dancing around the house, on the front porch, in the aisles at the grocery store … I have a lot of dancing to do before April 14th!


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Mark’s Neighborhood. I meet different folks every day of the week. Generally a happy lot. But it’s a bit different ’round here.


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Yeah, it’s one of those posts – all about me. Anyway, The folks at Sub It Club (a fine blog to follow if you are into publishing or writing or need help getting through those rejection letters and emails we all get from editors and art directors!) called me up (well, emailed me) and asked if I would partake in an interview. Said interview was done and it’s posted now. Apparently I talked too much (no surprise there…my teacher taped my mouth shut in first grade)  so the interview is in two chunks. A double chunk interview. Yum! Served with whip cream and cherries I hope.


I talk about the self promotion I have attempted to do and about my current projects and such.

Sub It Club has a ton of useful info and posts about submitting work to publishers and interviews with lots of artists on how they make their way in the world of being freelancers.


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It’s always exciting when I see the book taking form in full color. This is a capture from my InDesign file where I import the pages of the book as I work on them in order to see them in layout.

This is an early book in progress, but because I work digitally this step helps me see the color pace of the book. How the pages look one after another. I’ve made some guesses as I develop it, but now it’s easy to see what’s working. And what’s not.

I have a  long way to go with this book, but I feel a little better when pages begin to fall into place as I hoped they would. Working on final art is probably my least favorite process when I work on a book – I worry more at this stage – and changes are usually much more difficult to institute. But I also relish the opportunity that working digitally provides: that I can change my mind and react to what I am seeing throughout the process pretty easily and fairly quickly. At least compared to reworking an entire watercolor painting!

It’s all baby steps …


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