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90% of my time is spent writing and or drawing picture books, the other 10% includes a bit of animation writing and design, my much talked about attempts to write a middle grade novel and that’s about it. I tend to have no more time.

But once in awhile a project is intriguing enough to get my attention. I’ve been doing some illustrations for Nikki Finke’s new website, Hollywood Dementia. I’m one of many illustrators for the site.

The website is a collection of stories about Hollywood, written by Hollywood insiders. And if you like your fiction glamorous and star studded and all the while exposing the ugly truths of life behind the red carpet  (and the red carpet is just 3D and shot on a green screen now days) this is fiction for you.

I’m illustrated a few stories on the site and it lets me explore a different style of work with a different focus.

Below is a sample illustration I did for the the site. Some of the pieces are short stories, some essays, some excerpts from novels.

Go visit and read. NOTE: It is a paid site where some of the content requires payment. Imagine that!? Artists getting paid for their writing on THE INTERNET. The internet will be all confused about that I’m sure…


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Here I am at 3 trying to get 3 point perspective correct.

Or not.

That’s me at about 6. Not sure BECAUSE we didn’t have the technology to record dates on pictures back then…Truth is, the date written on the back on the picture has faded out.

And no, I wasn’t a heavy smoker, it was a bubble pipe. I saw a picture of an artist with a pipe and thought that was the key to drawing hands correctly. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t it because most of the time my drawings of hands still suck.

Now I sit in front of my computer screen and draw till my arm hurts but  I don’t smoke a bubble pipe anymore. It’s Kit Kats and Twix that are slowly killing me.


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Moving work to  anew computer means finding a lot of old files. Here’s the first two panels of an old story.



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I am fascinated by the world of quantum physics and I love a good science fiction story so when my friend sent this article to me today I was thrilled to find out that, yeah, reality ain’t nothing until we observe/measure it.

The article looks at an experiment that seems to confirm some of the more unselling aspects of the universe.

From Deep Stuff’s since news: “The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured.”

After reading the article I thought about how humans seem to have known this and have expressed it in art and literature for a long time. In fact, perhaps art is a human undertaking that acknowledges this fact in subtle and not so subtle ways.


Sample page from online illustrated short story.

I illustrated a favorite Franz Kafka short story a few years back. It’s called, A Common Experience Resulting in A Common Confusion. Have a look. It’ll only take a minute to read.

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Look what I found! A bunch of 26 x 18 posters on my doorstep. It’s a fine message – but in the photo of the poster above you can hardly make out the little figure in the upper left who is busy reading (see close-up below).closeup.

Ahhhh, no it makes sense!

It’s a painting of mine I had started a long while ago, then I had an opportunity to design a poster – quickly. And I thought this worked.

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A couple more sketches I did on my iPad. I’m switching to a new app for a week or two today. These were drawn in Sketch Club with the 53 pencil.

The black and white Is a typical quick character study. The color one is a painting that includes a bunch of my favorite things – textures that build mass, simple shapes that imply volume and light and of course a character that conveys some narrative.

I’m learning to like drawing on the iPad.


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