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An old painting

This seems like a good time to look back at digital work, considering I’ve been talking about the Apple Pencil lately. This is one of the earliest paintings I did digitally. Drawn and painted in Photoshop. I had written a … Continue reading

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The first Apple Pencil drawings

I spent about an hour on the landscape drawing, maybe 40 minutes on the barbarian-cleaner. I was trying a lot of different techniques that I use with ‘real’ pencil drawings and was able to recreate most of them. It’s still … Continue reading

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What!? No computer?

I found this scan of one of the last commercial projects I painted traditionally. I think it’s hanging at a finds house now. But this was on good ol’ illustration word with color pencil and acrylic. I sometimes miss using … Continue reading

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Happy underwater Halloween

This is an illustration from a story I wrote many years ago. Last night I picked up a newish picture book to read at Barnes and Noble and it had a story very similar to what I had tossed around … Continue reading

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An appropriate home for the season.

An older drawing I found in my complete mess of a digital archive.

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That time of year art

I’ve been attempting to organize 15 years of digital art. It’s not going so well. But I have found some interesting older pieces that I forgot about, and I am getting a real sense that my style, while changing a bit, is … Continue reading

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The gloomy time of year.

Another Halloween inspired post. This is an older project from a class on picture books taught by Marla Frazee. I believe the purpose was to tell a story in 5 wordless drawings based on a charter we had already designed. The … Continue reading

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