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Beware the tiger!

October is a spooky month. And not just because one starts thinking about the end of another year and another birthday. I’ll be 26 by the way… But it’s also a month to raise awareness of the danger of being swallowed by … Continue reading

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October inspired art posts continue

I was working on a picture book which inspired this painting. I never finished the manuscript but I did finish this painting.

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The Scary Postings Continue

October: the month I have to fight to keep eating healthy because all I want to eat is cheesy-fatty comfort foods. I might be dead by November if I don’t control this… Here’s today’s October appropriate art posting. These are … Continue reading

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A Very Special Meal, in October

She ate a fly. Get it? This almost seemed too much like a Hallmark card but I like the details.

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iPad Pro Sketch

It’s been a while since I posted any drawings done on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I’ve been doing a lot of quick sketching but have started to use Adobe Sketch to do some color drawings. No high … Continue reading

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Between spelling errors and some odd-blogness, this post is being reposted! As I have discussed on this blog – I am a tea drinker. Worked at a tea import shop in college and it stuck with me. But I am not … Continue reading

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Over the past few years I have gotten pretty bad at updating and maintaining an online portfolio. On my website I have a dozen or so images and it’s a lot of work to update and change them and I’m not … Continue reading

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