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beanbean2How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans was recently picked by Parade Magazine as a top food-themed picture book! I illustrated David LaRochelle’s wonderful yarn and am thrilled to see that the book continues to gather new readers.

Check out the list from the page linked here. It’s a slide like list of the top books including Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and some book about Green Eggs and Ham.

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Updating my last post, (How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans winning a Read Aloud honor award) I just got a letter about the award and two sample book seals that can go on the book. They are awesome! They are embossed, I love embossed books seals. They are like 3D relief sculptures on your book. I will pull a copy of Martha off my shelf and put one of these seals on it. Than I’ll make some tea and sit and admire it. Run my finger across it. Embossssssed…I’ll say.

Anyway, I am thrilled that a book  I worked on was horned as a great book to read out loud because from my earliest classes about kids books it was stressed to me by Marla Frazee that a great picture book NEEDS to be read aloud.  And this book is great fun to read out loud, even if just to yourself.

By the way, the award is named in honor of native Minnesotan Wanda Gág. Her book, Millions of Cats is instantly recognizable to me. It’s actually one of the earliest books I remember. Along with Blueberries for Sal.



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How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans was selected as a Wanda Gág ‘Read Aloud’ Honor Book for 2014! This award is given out by the Curriculum Materials Center of the Livingston Lord Library, Minnesota State Universuty, Moorehead, Minnesota.

Martha is a terrific read aloud book for story-times. I’ve seen the results! And that last page turn is always terrific. Congrats to Mr. LaRochelle again on penning such an inspired tale or goofiness!


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How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans written by David LaRochelle has been named one of the finalists for the State of Wyoming’s Buckaroo Award.

That’s cool! I drove through Wyoming last September. Perhaps rolling my window down and yelling EVERYONE SHOULD READ HOW MARTHA SAVED HER PARENTS FROM GREEN BEANS worked.

And ‘Martha’ has also been named a Best Book of the Year by Bank Street College of Education!

Very awesome accolades for a terrific book by Mr. LaRochelle!

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wantedThe Green Beans are always WANTED!


Just a few of the amazing cards I got. Wow!


And this one had a surprise on the inside!

detail_insideA POP-UP!! How cool is that!?

bnsMore beans hanging around looking for trouble…

zapsEven some Very Witchy Spelling and Spells going on! So much work that involved every book I’ve worked on. Very inspiring!

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I had a great time visiting Warrenton Grade School in Oregon! I spent time with hundreds of kids across two days and answered so many great questions about writing, drawing and even animation, that I left totally inspired. Thanks for a great visit!

And thanks for the teachers and librarians and everyone up there who made the visit possible.

I have lots of great photos that I will post across the next few days. I received some really neat cards, and the posters and bulletin boards they made were the best I’ve seen yet!



Great welcome poster, and look at what’s inside the letters! Green Beans!


And another first – those bad green beans finally meet their match! The Book That Eats People!



I have plenty of more posts of the amazing creativity on display at the school!

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I just heard from David LaRochelle that How Martha Saved her Parents from Green Beans was nominated for the 26th annual Minnesota Book awards in the Children’s Lit category. David has TWO books nominated in that category one illustrated by the awesome Mike Wohnoutka.

Congrats to David and Mike!

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