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I need a new job title

I worked for more than 20 years in corporate jobs. I was a graphic designer, a senior online graphic designer, an art director, a creative director, a senior art director, an online creative director, a production manager, a current production … Continue reading

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Another Year of Freelancing

It’s been a busy winter, a busy autumn, a busy summer…wait – A BUSY year! Another year? Yikes. I remember when a year seemed like it took, well, a year. Now they go by in about 2 months. When you … Continue reading

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Dead Projects. What to work on, what not to work on.

Here are four pages from a graphic novel project that, most likely, I will never finish. I wrote the entire draft, and drew two dozen pages but I don’t think it’s ever going to make it onto my ‘To Do’ … Continue reading

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Kids books are still breathing

Interesting article in The Los Angeles Times today by Susan Carpenter about the state of kids book publishing. Of course children’s literature, especially picture books, are always either dying or about to fly to new heights. And judging by the … Continue reading

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Why didn’t I write when I wanted to write?

I loved to write, but my grammar and spelling was atroshus. I mean, atrocious. In 7th grade English we had a chance to do some ‘creative writing’. I didn’t know that what I liked to do was called Creative Writing. … Continue reading

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Sick Days

I was a bit delayed in writing and posting last week as I had the opportunity to visit with a little virus friend commonly called flu. It’s a funky little buddy that I hadn’t spent time with in many years…and … Continue reading

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Can I fire myself?

I spent most of my career working for very large companies. I lived my professional life in the land of cubicles, offices, booking conference rooms for meetings, trying to understand incoherent whiteboard presentations. Getting regular paychecks… Now I am self-employed. … Continue reading

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