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Picture books on the iPad, again…

A page from the enhanced Cave Bear and Duck comic book available for the iPad. I’ve received emails about my post last week about how my daughter doesn’t like the iPad for bedtime books. I mentioned in the post that … Continue reading

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iPad picture books, not at bedtime.

My daughter really enjoys working/playing/learning on her iPad. She has a few games, some educational, some just dress-up Barbie type stuff. She has some videos and TV episodes. She likes some of the books on it as well. But she … Continue reading

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You say ebook, I say interactive-book-like-experiences.

Scholastic has released an ebook application for the iPad. Some are enhanced books, featuring interactive elements. The Storia App is a free download. I think this makes sense as kids begin to use a tablet more and more as part … Continue reading

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Once again, I didn’t win an Oscar.

I watched the Oscars for the first time in years last night. I didn’t win one. Again. I guess you need to be nominated or something… But William Joyce won for best animated short. Congrats to a ‘kids book icon’, … Continue reading

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The Book Wars. Year 15.

There has been a lot written about the publishing wars the past few months. Amazon, minimum pricing, iBooks, The Big Six, agency pricing, literary stars… You can read a BusinessWeek article on the new head of Amazon Publishing here. The … Continue reading

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The iBooks Author discussion continues…

There’s been a lot more coverage about the Apple initiated iBooks Author program. I’ll post a few links to interesting articles and discussions. There is definitely a prevailing feeling that a lot of the text book companies early attempts are … Continue reading

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I say E-Book, you say i-Book.

I’ve already spent a lot of time talking with friends about the new Apple iBook Author App, the updated iBooks app, the updated ePub format and of course Apple’s textbook and educational product direction. Of course there’s been an uproar … Continue reading

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