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The Toy Cabinet. I should make them pay rent.

The toy cabinet my daughter and I so carefully organize and reorganize (quite often) is pretty much full-up. And I know compared to some friends in the comics and animation world, I don’t have a particularly huge collection of knick-knacks, … Continue reading

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Disney Distribution

I forgot to point out one interesting fact on the Disney photo from Cinderella I posted . You will notice that Cinderella was distributed by RKO I believe. This is from before Disney distributed their own films. It’s right there … Continue reading

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Walt and Mickey.

Another of AP style photo promoting Walt Disney’s 2 Emmy wins in 1955 ‘after being on TV only 20 weeks’. Of course he wasn’t sitting in his office drawing Mickey at this point. In fact he rarely did. But he did have … Continue reading

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When did Disney coin the term ‘ Disney Princesses’?

I collect a few things, though honestly over the past dozen years I have stopped being obsessive about it. However I do have several thousand old Associated Press and movie studio black and white photos. Recently I acquired a few … Continue reading

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Don Rosa

Don Rosa is a cartoonist, well known for his Donald Duck comic books. His stories have a worldwide following and are highly regarded. He produced extremely detailed drawings and his plotting was equally extravagant. He has written an heartfelt essay … Continue reading

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Animation Monday- Paperman

Paperman is an animated short produced by Disney Feature Animation, I think. I’ve heard a bit about it, and its blending of traditional and 3D, but I have not seen any art, but what’s on this poster. According to the … Continue reading

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The Lion King. It’s weird.

I watched The Lion King over the weekend with my daughter. I hand’t seen it in perhaps 9 years. A few things struck me – – I am still realllllly tired of the Disney, broadway-musical-animated-movie combo. Why they were so … Continue reading

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