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The stuff of science fiction.

Technology changes fast these days. In fact, it changes so fast that a device in my science fiction graphic novel, Earthling! went from sci-fi to commonplace between the time I wrote the first draft and the books release. I wrote … Continue reading

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Three Keys to Success in Children’s Literature

Yup. Here it is. The Three Keys to Success in Kids’ Lit! I imagine you are pretty excited to read this. I mean, THREE KEYS to success! Even I can count that high and I’m an artist. Ok, here we … Continue reading

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I publish, therefore I am.

The differences between self published/small press/independent comics and mainstream comic has always been obvious. The themes, art style and characters are usually very different. But because of digital distribution, work from smaller publishers has access to more readers than ever … Continue reading

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What’s next?

A quick bit about what’s up next for me. I’m feeling lucky that I have a busy 12 or 14 months ahead of me. One of the odd things about working on books is the time it takes from when … Continue reading

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What are you good at?

Every illustrator and author/illustrator has different strengths and weaknesses in their work. Of course to some extent this is subjective. But overall we naturally do some things better. For instance, don’t ask me to draw a horse unless I can … Continue reading

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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

It’s worth your time to pop over and read a very good essay about the pain of failure and the fact that you have to keep doing what you love no matter the results. This was written by Sean Hood, … Continue reading

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Auteur or committee

As a designer, illustrator, writer and animator I have hit this issue head-on many times. The dreaded committee decision. The New York Times has a good article in their technology section by Randall Stross that looks at the issue by … Continue reading

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