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It’s that Font time of year.

If you are looking for fonts to help create your must-make comic project in 2016, shop now because Comic Craft’s Big Sale is on till the end of the day. Every font is $20.16. Even the $19 ones!

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Democracy of movie dollars

Democracy is a loaded word. Everyone has their own working definition. Is our government system here in the U.S.A. MORE democratic than Athens in the 5th century BC? We know the ‘will’ of the people is often ugly, reactionary and short-sighted. In … Continue reading

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Once a New Year – COMICRAFT Font Sale

Every January first for the past 14 years, from 12:00-12:00, Comicraft offers a sale on all their fonts at the dollar conversion of the year. So this being 2014, that means any font set sells for $20.14. It’s a GREAT … Continue reading

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Don Rosa

Don Rosa is a cartoonist, well known for his Donald Duck comic books. His stories have a worldwide following and are highly regarded. He produced extremely detailed drawings and his plotting was equally extravagant. He has written an heartfelt essay … Continue reading

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Now with 80% less complaining!

Here’s an interview I did with the talented and very busy Ben Clanton. It’s about Earthling! and other stuff. It’s posted on his excellent blog, which he doesn’t stop doing just because it’s summer…Thanks. Make me feel like a lazy bum. … Continue reading

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Animation Monday

To continue a discussion from last week, there have been quite a few feature films based on picture books. At first this seems an odd combination. A picture book is constructed to be short, clean, almost zen like. These days … Continue reading

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iPad gifts!

For all those new iPads, how about a free. read-to-me comic book! Don’t forget to check out the Cave Bear and Duck iPad App for some Cenozoic inspired hijinks! Download it for FREE from the Apple App Store! Happy Holidays!

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