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What’s wrong with graphic novels…

Actually, nothing is WRONG with them. But I am having a hard time finding new ones that interest me lately. In the past 10 years there has been a boom of what I call ‘kids lit’ GN’s. This includes not … Continue reading

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Batman. Bat who?

  Here is a great post by Mark Evanier that examines the creation of Batman. But it’s also a nice essay about what it means to create something. In the world of comic books this an important and complicated issue. We have … Continue reading

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Democracy of movie dollars

Democracy is a loaded word. Everyone has their own working definition. Is our government system here in the U.S.A. MORE democratic than Athens in the 5th century BC? We know the ‘will’ of the people is often ugly, reactionary and short-sighted. In … Continue reading

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I publish, therefore I am.

The differences between self published/small press/independent comics and mainstream comic has always been obvious. The themes, art style and characters are usually very different. But because of digital distribution, work from smaller publishers has access to more readers than ever … Continue reading

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Erik Johnson. Live and uncensored.

An now for something – a little different on the Blog. My first interview! I’ve been impressed with Erik Johnson’s work since I met him in college. I can honestly say I’ve been jealous of Erik’s work for the same … Continue reading

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Comic Con 2009

It’s almost the zero-hour. Time to dash for the open doors of Comic-Con. Nothing else quite like it. 3 days of wall-to-wall, kiosk-to-drawing board humanity. And dozens of wildly different height Star Wars Stormtroopers. I have a few surprises and … Continue reading

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Manu Larcenet

I’m not some wacky fan-boy-child-man…No I’m not. But I really admire Manu Larcenet’s work. I’ve written about his graphic novel, Lillte Victoires and I wish more of his work made it into English so I could read and not just … Continue reading

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