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Mr. Bumerichov – a scrolling short story

If you enjoyed this little short story, you might also enjoy my ebooks available at the iBooks store for $1.99. The Thing with No Head and The Boy Who Was Swallowed by a Tiger.

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The last pages of Robot Boys.

Here are pages 5 and 6 that I inked and colored of Robot Boys. The story had a lot of interesting elements for me, but it seemed to lack a focus as to who the audience was. It was a little … Continue reading

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4 pages of something that will probably never be finished

Here are 4 pages from a project that I don’t think I will be finishing. So often a project starts to come together. I write outlines, maybe even a first draft and I try some pages out to see what … Continue reading

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Kickstarter This Awesome Book

Erik Johnson has a new Kickstarter for a fascinating and funky little book that is part graphic novel, part art book, part endless opera cycle. It’s an idea born from putting a bunch of genres and formats into a blender … Continue reading

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Batman. Bat who?

  Here is a great post by Mark Evanier that examines the creation of Batman. But it’s also a nice essay about what it means to create something. In the world of comic books this an important and complicated issue. We have … Continue reading

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How my comic book became worth $4,000.

OK. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. I am not promising to have found the key to buying yourself a Lamborghini and a third house in Florida. And my comic ISN’T actually worth four thousand dollars and has never SOLD for four thousand … Continue reading

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Democracy of movie dollars

Democracy is a loaded word. Everyone has their own working definition. Is our government system here in the U.S.A. MORE democratic than Athens in the 5th century BC? We know the ‘will’ of the people is often ugly, reactionary and short-sighted. In … Continue reading

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