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Collage fun.

I found this while going through old CD archives. I did this piece (a long, long time ago) as a poster for a comedy group in Los Angeles. I think they used it in black and white. I didn’t remember painting … Continue reading

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Welcome to my neighborhood.

Mark’s Neighborhood. I meet different folks every day of the week. Generally a happy lot. But it’s a bit different ’round here.

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Old encyclopedias. Old illustrations.

I love the grand collections of old Books Of All Knowledge Though I am always trying to start to get rid of things, I seem to collect more old encyclopedias and World Books  than any rational person needs. I just … Continue reading

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Collage and Kafka and shrimp…

I am inspired and fascinated by many different art styles. I love doing collage. In fact it was simple clip art collages (like the one above who along with a half dozen other characters ended up as short run, silk … Continue reading

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Collage, Comics and Jack Kirby

I found this linked from Mark Evanier’s blog and it’ a fascinating look at the use of collage in the graphic arts, especially in the work of Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby’s Collages in Context is by Steven Brower. It’s a … Continue reading

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What? A return of posting sketches!?

A quick alien drawing. I’m drawing a lot of aliens these days and sometimes these doodles appear in-between ‘real work’. The orange ‘coat’ of the alien is actually a scan of dryer lint after I got done drying an orange … Continue reading

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The Book That Eats People

A picture book I illustrated for Tricycle Press will be out this Fall, it’s called The Book That Eats People. I saw the catalog ad for it and I was really happy that they used the spread (below) in promoting … Continue reading

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