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I recieved a few copies of Earthling! in Czech. They are beautiful books. They did an excellent job on the production. Love the built in bookmark and spot varnish cover. And there’s plenty of accent marks everywhere.

And I promise to stop writing about Earthling!. I’ll go back to complaining about the weather or picture books that aren’t good any day now.


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I’m happy to announce that Earthling! has been named the winner in the graphic novel category of the Spirit of Oregon Book Award for 2012. This award is given by the Oregon Council of Teachers of English.

I’m honored that this book was recognized from the reams of other great books that fit the descriptors associated with apprpriate  material for this recognition.

Read more about Earthling! by clicking here or read the first chapter online by clicking here.


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No. I don’t see this blog as being mainly about self promotion, yet here I am self promoting. But, if I don’t who will!?


The Horn Book recently recommended Earthling! in an article on graphic novels for kids. Here’s what they had to say:

Gr. 4-6 In this sic-fi graphic novel, Bud gets on the wrong bus and ends up at Cosmos Academy, an intergalactic school whose students fear Earthlings. With the help of new friends Gort, Bud devises a plan to return home before the aliens figure out who he is. Action and humor (especially in the characters facial expressions) are successfully captured in bright cartoon panels.

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The Czech version of Earthling! is out, or almost out. Or will soon be out. Below is the cover and a page from the book – POZEMSTAN!

My grandfather was born in Prague, so maybe this translation is part of the circle of life. But not the part where lions eat gophers.



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A nice review of Earthling! at the Book Wisdom website and on TV in Colorado as April’s Book of the Month.

You can read more about Earthling (including the entire first chapter online) at the Earthling! website.

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Above is a page from my graphic novel for young readers called Earthling!. One of the issues that haunted me while creating Earthling! was my hope to end the adventure story without a hand-to-hand fight to the death between two main characters.

It is so easy to have your main characters fight to solve the big issue at hand in your story. But with plenty of Hollywood movies providing endless blood-soaked-battles, why do it in a young readers graphic novel?

I ended up with a chase. Laser blasts. Some threats. But for months my ending also had a big direct confrontation between Bud and Principal Lepton. Fisticuffs ensued. But I always thought it was the wrong way to go.

Ultimately I found a way for the tension to be released in an exciting fashion sans punches. It felt resolved and complete. The characters actions were true to who they were and I did it without a big fight. There is, of course, a confrontation, actually several confrontations. And the characters are allowed to see things from new perspectives. But I hope I accomplished that with as few punches as I could.

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Earthling!, my graphic novel, has been pulled off the shelf as one of the best comics for kids of 2012 at Big Planet Comics. All I can say is that Big Planet Comics is well known as a great store and the other books mentioned are super-awesom. That’s the technical term. So Tim and I are super-honored!

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