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I bought the book for a reason!

I’m trying to…TYRING TO…cut back on the number of books I have. And while that is an ugly sentence it’s the best way to say it. I don’t want to ‘rid’ myself of books. Or ‘throw out’ books. Or ‘get rid of’ books, … Continue reading

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Old art…again

This is an old painting that’s no longer in my portfolio. But it was an important piece for me because it’s from a time when I started to really think about color. Color was not a natural for me. And … Continue reading

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Samples from ebooks!

Here are some samples from The Boy Who Was Swallowed by a Tiger and The Thing with No Head ebooks which will be out on Apple’s iBookstore in October. They feature a more straight ahead ‘cartoony’ style and give me an … Continue reading

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The eBooks in progress

The ebooks I’m working on have final covers. Now I’m just proofing the interiors again. I’m sure you will be sick of hearing about them by the time they come out in October. But It’s been fun to write, design … Continue reading

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4 pages of something that will probably never be finished

Here are 4 pages from a project that I don’t think I will be finishing. So often a project starts to come together. I write outlines, maybe even a first draft and I try some pages out to see what … Continue reading

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Recycle bins are your friend!

I’ve been cleaning out my studio. And filling the recycle bin. Filling and refilling the recycle bin. Wow. Animation timing sheets and countless reams of old drawings have been collecting dust for too long. I saved a few things and scanned … Continue reading

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Earthling! Does every story need to end with a fight?

Above is a page from my graphic novel for young readers called Earthling!. One of the issues that haunted me while creating Earthling! was my hope to end the adventure story without a hand-to-hand fight to the death between two … Continue reading

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