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Batman. Bat who?

  Here is a great post by Mark Evanier that examines the creation of Batman. But it’s also a nice essay about what it means to create something. In the world of comic books this an important and complicated issue. We have … Continue reading

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Cartooning across Minnesota

As I mentioned I was back home helping  my folks move. My dad went to school in St. Paul and worked as an editorial cartoonist for the St. Paul Dispatch for many years (retiring in 1993 I think) and he … Continue reading

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Don’t instruct, enjoy.

My daughter’s ‘Heart People’ have some issues to resolve, or so she tells me. My daughter is very busy drawing these days. Both my wife and I have some form of art in our past so it’s not a surprise. … Continue reading

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Comic Strip Pages of America – rejoice!

I haven’t been too kind to comic strips. I love the art form, have read them all my life (produced a few mediocre ones) but I have come to dislike the current state of most newspaper comic pages. A big … Continue reading

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newspapers should get paid to run comic strips

I know more than a few cartoonists read his blog and we exchange emails. So what I am going to propose here is not me trying to undermine the comic strip business. It’s just…an idea. Really a question. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Not really on topic…and yet it is

A great listing of quotes about Apple Computer at Wired made me laugh. “Apple as we know it is cooked. It’s so classic. It’s so sad.” — Stan Dolberg of Forrester Research, quoted by the New York Times in 1996. … Continue reading

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