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New Yorker Cartoonist Doc

If you are interested in such things as panel cartoons, check out the HBO documentary,  Very Semi-Serious: A Partially Through Portrait of New Yorker Cartoonists. It’s been out for a while now, but I suspect it will show up on streaming … Continue reading

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It’s that Font time of year.

If you are looking for fonts to help create your must-make comic project in 2016, shop now because Comic Craft’s Big Sale is on till the end of the day. Every font is $20.16. Even the $19 ones!

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A short documentary about…

This is a short documentary about how my career in picture books came about. It was made by filmmaker John Hull. John is working on a series on short docs on various creative pursuits that turn into careers. And I am the … Continue reading

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The last pages of Robot Boys.

Here are pages 5 and 6 that I inked and colored of Robot Boys. The story had a lot of interesting elements for me, but it seemed to lack a focus as to who the audience was. It was a little … Continue reading

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CAPS auction

I belong to an organization called CAPS. – The Comic Arts Professional Society. They are sponsoring an auction in support of Stan Saki, the wonderful cartoonist behind many projects but most widely known for creating Usagi Yo Jimbo. Stan and … Continue reading

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Cartooning in the 18th century. A rant.

Why does so much current ‘cartooning’ work look like it’s from the 1920’s? I believe I understand some of the motivation. Things were simpler in 1920. More ‘authentic’ in some metaphysical way. Cartoonists used pen and ink and that’s a … Continue reading

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I publish, therefore I am.

The differences between self published/small press/independent comics and mainstream comic has always been obvious. The themes, art style and characters are usually very different. But because of digital distribution, work from smaller publishers has access to more readers than ever … Continue reading

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