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The Truth about writing kids lit.

While many Americans have taken time off from work just to watch Fox News and enjoy this election I think we are missing the most important aspect: conspiracy theories going mainstream! It’s an exciting time to be a creative writer! … Continue reading

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Bookstores are dead. Long live bookstores.

Amazon opening brick and mortar book stores? From the article in the LA Times: “When you ask Amazon, they will simply reply “no comment” to the rumors that they’re planning to open 300 to 400 brick-and-mortar bookstores. But is that … Continue reading

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I look on with bemused detachment…

Over the weekend we stopped into the local Barnes & Noble. It was nice to see the store busy, if not exactly packed. The coffee shop was full and they had a nice selection of toys and games to go … Continue reading

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2012, the year of the book?

I wonder what the new year will bring to the publishing industry? It was easy to find articles in 2011 predicting the end of dead-tree books and announcing the upending of an entire industry. Of course much has been written … Continue reading

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Old Media Wins (well, traditional formats win)

The headline is a little misleading. But it’s a good headline, no? I was a little depressed when Borders declared bankruptcy this week, but than I thought about the last time I went to a Borders and bought something. I’d … Continue reading

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Selling Picture Books

I’ve had a few emails from people about my posting on Borders. They all felt the same way. That many bookstores don’t know how to sell picture books. That the picture book has a unique selling ability – the cover. … Continue reading

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The Business of Selling Picture Books

Recently I went to my local Borders with my daughter. I was looking for more board books by Charles Reasoner – Inside Jolly Roger’s Pirate Ship (Story Book). My daughter LOVES his books. She spends hours sitting on our laps … Continue reading

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