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Great Review for Great Barbarians.

Reading a review of ones work is an interesting dilemma. Sometimes reading a review can make you feel great and sometimes it can ruin your day/week/month and cause you to wonder why you didn’t go to law school. I try to … Continue reading

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SCBWI in Oregon

It’s too late to sign up for one-on-one crits and manuscript reviews but you can still attend a day with an editor from Dial, an author, a picture book agent and me. It’s like a dream come true, right!? Get … Continue reading

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Happy Barbarian’s Day!

Barbarians on the loose! Yes, it’s the 14h of February and while everyone THINKS it’s all about Valentines today, I know it’s actually all about Barbarians! On sale at fine curio shops and online starting today-  FEBRUARY 14th, 2017 – … Continue reading

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Deadlines. They are a line in the sand. A fence in the fun. You shall not pass!   I have a few deadlines. Not sure when I’ll be back. Days, weeks, months. Hours.   In the meantime go buy this … Continue reading

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My first picture book, inspired by the movie Jaws?

I suspect the black marker treatment was added long after I had finished the book. This is the first book I remember making. I have a fairly clear memory of writing and drawing this on the front porch during the summer. Of course, … Continue reading

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My new Self Help book for 2017.

(please note this was written with more than a bit of irony and sarcasm…) If there is anyone unqualified to write a ‘Self Help’ book, it is me. Therefore, in the spirit of the times, I will do exactly that. Being … Continue reading

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What picture books are actually being read?

I noticed this older blog post by Ken Levine about a TV survey that looked at the population’s awareness of TV shows.  I’ll sum it up by saying, everything seems to be niche now. The shows that win major awards and … Continue reading

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