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This took 3 years to render. High end 3D.

OK…It is April 1st. This is actually my hand drawn B-film from animation school. No computer needed. Well, until I digitized the video tape made from the 16mm.

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Mortgaging your soul.

The huge Laika auction confuses me. As much as well-to-do geeks with a few extra tens of thousands of dollars enjoyed the opportunity to buy this stuff, why would the studio sell off its creative output for pennies? They made … Continue reading

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The Toy Cabinet. I should make them pay rent.

The toy cabinet my daughter and I so carefully organize and reorganize (quite often) is pretty much full-up. And I know compared to some friends in the comics and animation world, I don’t have a particularly huge collection of knick-knacks, … Continue reading

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Book Reports – the credits!

  Book Reports is the new series of animated shorts I developed with Dreamwork’s Television. You can watch them online (a new episode will be posted January 10th!) but one thing you can’t get each episode is the credits. Owed to this new … Continue reading

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Book Reports – the animated show

The best animated shorts ever made about book reports … will go live – ARE LIVE.  I speak of Book Reports, the animated shorts I made for Dreamworks TV/Awesomeness TV. Well, I wrote and designed them but lots of other greatly … Continue reading

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Book Reports episode 1 – online!

  As I have mentioned on this bloggy blog often – I wrote and designed three animated shorts for Dreamworks TV/Awesomeness TV’s You Tube Channel. The first is ONLINE!  Needless to say – go check it out! Watch it! Share … Continue reading

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More items on the way to recycling

A few more drawings that I scanned as they are on the way to the recycle bin. More character designs for a show that never made it on air.     Sometimes it’s just a page from a sketchbook with odds-n-ends that … Continue reading

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