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Break-ups can be tough.

I was a very early fan of, but now Amazon is deciding what to sell based not on what customers want, but on how much they can undercut pricing and harm the publishers. I have come to believe that … Continue reading

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Do you buy books from Amazon?

Amazon is getting pretty angry and is now refusing to sell books from various publishers it can’t get a deal from on its terms. Seems like not so long ago that Amazon was the company you liked to like. They were … Continue reading

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Friends or enemies

Amazon dot com. What can you say about it? Convenient? Certainly. Offers the lowest price? Most often. Is it in the consumers interest to have Amazon beat-the-stuffing out of suppliers to get a low price – and then demand an even lower … Continue reading

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The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot – THE BEST BOOK EVER

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot has been chosen as the best book ever printed by the Louisville Courier-Journal. OK. Maybe not THE BEST BOOK EVER PRINTED. But one of the best children’s books for 2011. I … Continue reading

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The Three Little Aliens

The latest picture book I illustrated is listed on Amazon already. It’s not out until Fall. I just saw the first proofs last week, so I don’t expect to see any copies for a while. But the color reproduction is … Continue reading

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Off Topic Tuesday

So I ordered some stuff from And my order ‘qualified’ for their Super-Duper-Super-Saver-Shipping. That means FREE. And as I didn’t need this stuff in a hurry, I figured ‘”Why Not?”. Ordered on January 5th I think. On the 8th … Continue reading

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