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So I want to write a kids book.

I’ve decided to write a book for children, what should it be about, I mean, what kind story and how many swear words can I get away with? As for the swear words, best not have any unless it’s a … Continue reading

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Yeah!? Well, listen to this!

I’m in the mood to vent today. Between the silliness of having a charter school in West Linn ( where I live, because you know public schools are so bad here…)  or the national political slow motion car accident that is the … Continue reading

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Chicken Story Time. It’s a book. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just for KFC anymore. Wait…that’s a horrible thing to say. The book Chicken Story Time is out in December, which is National Poultry Month AND National Bring a Chicken to … Continue reading

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Whacha watching?

When I draw and paint I often have my trusty iPad on and stream movies and TV shows. Depending on how focused I need to be effects what I watch. If I’m writing I usually just have music on if … Continue reading

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The Truth about writing kids lit.

While many Americans have taken time off from work just to watch Fox News and enjoy this election I think we are missing the most important aspect: conspiracy theories going mainstream! It’s an exciting time to be a creative writer! … Continue reading

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another day on the internet

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Working hard or hardly working…

I received a few really funny emails about my previous post, but of course what this really shows is – all of us are busy reading the internet instead of doing work. So…yeah, there’s that.  

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