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You write and illustrate children’s books?

When people find out what I do, I sometimes get odd reactions. I wonder what this career says about me? In films and novels the children’s (this being one of the newest ones) book writer or illustrator is most often a … Continue reading

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Time to walk the dog

Every time I walk the dog I remind myself not to think about politics. Instead I work on my ideas and stories. Worrying about politics is like trying to cure cancer with bandaids. I campaigned in my youth, went door-to-door. I worked … Continue reading

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Giant Rasputin off the Oregon coast

I think a giant Rasputin would have made Pacific Rim a way better movie. I know, this is kind of odd, but I had just read this long post about Rasputin and somehow it all came together.

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The part they don’t tell you…

Another morning of revising. It’s a grey day out, with a bit of rain that can’t decide to really make us wet or just turn into mist. And I’m looking at the same page I was the past 3 or … Continue reading

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Been a bad day with autocorrect…

It’s Ben one of those days. I often peruse the days emails in the evening to make sure everything that I think was taken care of is actually taken care of. But tonight I see very odd words in my witty, but … Continue reading

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A man, his two cats and a rocky beach

A man, his two cats and a rocky beach. I’d love a print of this that’s like 10 feet long.  Of course, where would I put it? I’ve done 2 dozen of these Oregon Coast images now. Why? That’s a good … Continue reading

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Slug Tales- Oh Yeah! (sung to the tune of Duck Tales)

Download the free illustrated short story about slugs. Yeah, slugs. Download it as a formatted PDF or in e-book format from the Apple iBookstore below. Download The Colonel as a free e-book from the Apple iBookstore! Download a formatted PDF version … Continue reading

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