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The gloomy time of year.

Another Halloween inspired post. This is an older project from a class on picture books taught by Marla Frazee. I believe the purpose was to tell a story in 5 wordless drawings based on a charter we had already designed. The … Continue reading

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We live in very dancey times.

What if aliens are out there and through some wacky plot device they have only been able to watch kids cable TV channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. Aliens will dismiss the animation as some kind of abstract art but based on the live action shows … Continue reading

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A perfect Halloween book with no pumpkins in it…

I always fire off a few reminders about this book during the Holiday season. Well, the Halloween holiday season. The Book That Eats People is the perfect Halloween book even though it has no witches, pumpkins, black cats or magical broomsticks. … Continue reading

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King Tut!

I’m really excited about the theories that there are additional chambers to King Tut’s tomb! If you haven’t been following the story, several inconsistencies with Tut’s tomb could be explained by the possibility that the space we consider to be … Continue reading

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Book Trailer DillyDallying

My picture book, Dilly Dally Daisy came out awhile ago… I have been meaning to do some kind of announcement or book trailer or something for the past – month. Or two. This delay is oddly appropriate considering the book’s subject doesn’t … Continue reading

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Magic Steps, Tricks and Keys To Success!

I’ve taken a bit of flack from my semi-sarcastic post called Three Keys to Kids’ Lit. Success. I didn’t intend for it to be negative. Just silly. I get uncomfortable when success in the arts is broken done to a set of ‘tricks’ or … Continue reading

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Longwell Adventures #3!

Part three of the diary of famed explorer F.H. Longwell. ABOUT F.H. Longwell III was a gentleman explorer, a renowned naturalist and a scholar who traveled with his manservant Tipton on behalf of The World’s Most Curious Curiosities Museum in the early hours … Continue reading

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