Animation on YouTube

I have quite a few posts on YouTube, but it’s hard to track them all down from this blog. So, here’s an animation page that I will update with animation I have done that I have posted on You Tube.

Most Animation Monday posts are of other people’s work. I will not repost that material here.

Now, on with the show!

My most recent animated shows are three animated shorts I wrote and designed for Dreamworks TV. The series is called Book Reports.



The Big Budget Hollywood version of Mary Had A Little Lamb. Animated in After Effects. Hand drawn characters that I scanned in and cleaned up in Photoshop.

A pencil test of the first film I made at the UCLA Animation MFA program. My ‘A’ film. All done in pencil and shot on a lunchbox.

This first episode of The Mr. Shrimp Show was created when a production company in Los Angeles bought a small animation firm I was a partner in. Based on a comic strip I did in college I designed the characters and did the layout and most of the background art. Several other great artists/animators came in and made this possible. All animated in After Effects. The goal was to make a dozen of these one minute episodes. Oh yeah, the dot com bust of 2000 came along.

Flash, Flash and more Flash. This is a show I created and did the character design, layout and some of the animation. We had a contract with Mondo Media to develop this series. We wrote 5 episodes of a possible 12 episode ‘first season’.This was the pilot. The goal was to get these on entertainment web sites, where the ‘insider’ POV would be enjoyed. I still don’t like Flash as an animation tool.

This is a pencil test shot on a lunch box for an animated short I made called The Thing with No Head. It has played in festivals around the country as well on on Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons. Hand drawn and ultimately shot on 16mm, this was animated and directed by me. Tim Rummel produced it and helped get the great music and Brian Doyle Murray to do the narration.

A trailer in progress. This started as a 30 page comic book story I did in a few years ago.  Eric Johnson redesigned the characters and added most of the punch in this sample. This was created as part of a pitch for the show – Wicked Boy and Nausea Guy.

This is the proof of concept we created for doing the Mr. Shrimp Show. Animated in After Effects, I still enjoy working in this style. One bummer is that this low resolution You Tube version doesn’t show you the amazing detail in the layouts and animation.

The 15 second or so intro for a project that a writer in LA was developing. I animated it in After Effects based on a world I designed.

And here is the trailer for The Thing with No Head. It features the great music written for the short by Chris Nesheim.

An animated short for Pearson Television marketing.

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  5. Carlito Gris says:

    we would love you to help animate our music video … we have all the stills and storyboards but cant take it to the next level!!!

    let me know if this would interest you

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