All the troubles in the world.

I enjoy doing school visits every year. They are exhausting, and I can’t do many, but I get a lot out of the visits. Talking about writing and drawing is always fun (something IS wrong with me!). But I also enjoy just talking with students. Hearing what they are reading, which video games they play and the You Tubers they watch. It’s a POV on our culture that as an adult I don’t have unless I seek it out.

And one of my favorite benefits from the school visits are the packets of Thank You cards, photos, notes and art projects that are sent to me after a visit. I love opening those envelopes!

I read every single one (I’m not J.K Rowling after all!) and it’s always a highlight of my day. I’ve spent the past week looking through all the wonderful cards from my school visits in Washington a few weeks ago.

Allowing myself the time to get lost in the students excitement and creativity is a great way to forget about all the troubles in the world.

Here are just a few photos of the amazing and inspired work I saw.
















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