Art from Hoquiam, Washington Schools!

Spent a great week in Hoquiam, Washington visiting students. I want to thank the teachers and Principals who made it all possible and run so smoothly.

Here are jus ta few photos of the great art made by students!


Chickens inspired by Chicken Story Time!



Yup! I draw ‘big eyes’!


Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot still attracting readers!


And some superheroes from Super Hero Instruction Manual!


The class that can’t stop because of Tommy!


Some sneaky green beans escaping from Martha!


And awesome aliens that would make Earthling! sparkle!

As you can tell the kids were familiar with may of the books I wrote and illustrated. I know I didn’t get pictures of all the posted art but I enjoyed it all. I also have some great work the kid sent home with me that I will scan and share in the next few weeks. Thanks again! I really enjoy the school visits I do each year.



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2 Responses to Art from Hoquiam, Washington Schools!

  1. jby95 says:

    I like the escaping green beans. Yup, green beans are like that.

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