Must go on…can’t go on…must go on…

I have been working away on a graphic novel for 6 years now. Yeah, you heard me. It’s not a GN for the large kid’s publishers I don’t think. It is a ‘passion project’. A lotta good that does me!

In fact the only discussion I’ve had about this GN is with a comic publisher who wants to publish it. But it’s taking me forever because I work around my paying work and a life that seems to get longer on duties and responsibilities as the amount of time in a day gets shorter. Welcome to getting older.

Comics is a different world to some extent. I enjoy the freedom of working in comics, but I really need to get this thing done. I have about 5 chapters left, and last year all year, I got one chapter roughed, scanned, drawn, added the type and colored. One chapter. About 20 pages. Maybe a little more.

This year so far I have made progress on a chapter, scanned roughs and started placing type and drawing. My evenings really should be occupied with this project. Now I just need to force myself to do it!


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2 Responses to Must go on…can’t go on…must go on…

  1. Scott Sandie says:

    Hey Mark – you can do it buddy. The Earthling is top-shelf stuff – can’t wait to see your next GN offering. If you need a change of scenery to bellow the engines, just holler – we can rendezvous at the DQ in OC; you work on the GN, I’ll write a handbook.

    • mfearing says:

      If I go to the DQ to often my cholesterol will spike and that’ll be that! But this summer we should! GN’s are fun to work on, just amazingly time consuming.

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