Online Chaos

I have given up on at least half of the ‘must be on’ online social media sites or whatever they are called this week. Pinterest, Tumbler…there’s at least 4 more that I just don’t have the time or energy to pursue. Here are my thoughts on where I still am.

Twitter reminds of of the kid who sat next to me on the bus in 4th grade and would never shut-up. Wait, they may have been me. It’s OK, but I feel overwhelmed and find myself paying less and less attention to it. I was also given a Twitter for Dummies book for Christmas by friends. That is the book I needed. But hey, follow ME anyway!

Facebook is chaos and you never know who is watching, reading, looking, friending you or unfriending. Like? Not so much. I’ve also made a mess as I combined my ‘professional’ persona with my personal. So I’m pretty sure any ‘fans’ I have on Facebook get to see me chatting with my brother and sister and sharing dog pictures. Not what I want honestly.

Linked -in is the very lonely cousin of Facebook. It’s got a dedicated group of guys telling people how wonderful they are at building businesses YOU’VE never heard of. And sharing quotes from other guys who built businesses you’ve never heard of.

Blogs…I am a blogger (obviously) but there seems to be a slow unraveling of interest in blogs. I still enjoy reading a couple dozen different personal blogs from time-to-time, but in general I think blogging will slowly turn into Geo Cities or My Space. Yeah, I’m old.

Your personal Website. So 1990’s right! I recently switched over to a host and build platform. It’s handy as I don’t have to spend days editing HTML to update the site or correct spelling. I don’t control ALL of the design, but then again I didn’t before. I had to work within the constraints of my technical skills or the technical skill I could pay for. So it’s a draw. I still think it’s important to control ones online presence by having your own website. I am not happy turning over all my contacts with people to Facebook.



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