Oregon SCBWI event. Chickens invited.

For those of you who don’t know about the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators it is one of only two ‘professional’ organizations I belong to. I don’t count my Safeway ‘club card’ BTW. Or maybe it’s one of only two professional organizations that let me be a member. I need to look into that.


The SCBWI is where I went to to learn about this business way back in 2000 or so. I leaned a ton and it facilitated my first meetings with art directors (the one who hired me for my first professional picture book BTW) and editors (who always find my grammar errors).

I will be a guest on Saturday, February 25th at an SCBWI event here in Oregon. It also features editor Lucia Monfried, Author Sandy Asher and an agent called Sean McCarthy.

Now through an amazing coincidence or some snap planning, Lucia Monfried was the editor of Chicken Story Time, Sandy Asher was the author of Chicken Story Time, I was the illustrator of Chicken Story Time and Sean McCarthy acted as my agent on Chicken Story Time. So you can hear not only from industry professionals all about The Biz, but you can also hear about the roles each of us played in creating one particular picture book.

But that’s not all!

Each of use will be discussing not just our role on that particular book, but imparting any and all wisdom about this business in a series of breakout sessions as well. Want to hear from an editor, listen in with Lucia. Sandy can tell you about being a working author, Sean can tell you all the things NOT to say to an agent and I’ll sing a few songs, tell a few jokes and show you how I go about writing and illustrating picture books. Including the super secret first 10 pages of Chicken Story Time that I painted but tossed out and started over on again. Such secrets!

If you think this might be an interesting way to spend a day, get all the info by clicking here. If you are from this part of the world, it might be worth making a day of it.


While you’re at it, check out my updated website at markfearing.com.


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