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The next two weeks are for revisions. You know, the things everyone groans aloud at when you talk about them at a conference or student assembly. I have ‘real’ revisions (for projects on deadline with publishers) and what I call ‘personal’ revisions. … Continue reading

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Robots are taking over!

Looking through letters and enjoying some art that students have sent me. Some really fun robots made there way to me this time!    

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In the current political reality (as fictional as it may seem) it’s amazing to think some people still care about literacy, but I know a lot of good people at schools who do. And I will be speaking at my first … Continue reading

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Must go on…can’t go on…must go on…

I have been working away on a graphic novel for 6 years now. Yeah, you heard me. It’s not a GN for the large kid’s publishers I don’t think. It is a ‘passion project’. A lotta good that does me! … Continue reading

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Walking the dog today

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See you in February!

If you’ve ever heard me speak at a conference you probably heard me recite this quote. And i’m not a huge ‘quote guy’. But This applies to every creative endeavor equally including writing and illustrating picture books. “I can’t tell … Continue reading

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Not So Happy Presidents

Here is a postcard I sent out as a marketing card years ago. But there are always new readers here so maybe you haven’t seen it before. Happy P Day!     See more of my work at Mark

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