It starts as a mess.

I’m working away on revisions to a new picture book. Every time I walk down this road I worry I will never solve the problems I’m having with a particular book. That, i’m sorry, but I can’t do it, revoke my drawing license I am out of solutions.

The problems are usually small in retrospect and are different with each book. My problem is that I imagine that I will have one solitary, wonderful rough drawing, like the pencils from comic book pages before they get handed off to the inker. This perfect, pristine pencil drawing that  Simply scan and draw atop of. Easy.

But I don’t work that way. My roughs are usually made up of a hundred revisions and new drawings and slices and redraws and finally I paint it on the computer. It’s such a messy way to work I am pretty sure the illustration police will break into my house and arrest me.

Here is part of a scanned rough from several pages of sketches I worked on for a particular page in the book. (…and I can’t show too much as it is in the early stages). I scanned maybe 5 pages worth of drawings to arrive at what I wanted by putting it together in Photoshop and then painting it. I imagine there is a better way to do this, in fact I know there is. But unfortunately it’s just not how I do things.



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