Digital trip down memory lane

For many years one of my computer back-up plans was to write all my work files to an external hard drive which I then took to a friend’s house. I updated the files every few months so even if my computer at home failed or was stolen or destroyed,  I’d have something of what I was working on.

Later I started a full back-up onto a drive at home and I began doing offsite, internet back-ups nightly of all my work files. So even if my computer at home fails and I lose all my back-ups at home via natural disaster, my clients work is safe off-site.

Recently my friend brought back the old back-up drive. We had forgotten it at his house for years. The last back up was from January of 2011.

It was a tiny, silver time machine and it was great fun to look through. It had the projects I was currently working on, books long published. But I still have the final art from those projects archived.

What it had that was most interesting was a lot of bits of ideas and projects that I had simply lost track of though moves to new computers and new external back-up and archival organizational schemes.

I found manuscripts I had forgotten I ever wrote and an an animated show I had developed that I never pitched or talked about. I found most of the art and sound files from a Read Along iPad app I made back when the iPad was pretty new.

It also had some odds-n-ends that reminded me how much my life has changed in 6 or 7 years. For instance:  the first promotional postcards I made while trying to ‘break-in’ to picture books. Resumes. A few photos and letters most of which are long gone from any back-ups.

All in all I spent almost 2 hours poking around on it. It was a digital trip down memory lane.


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