It’s not the weather, it’s the Barbarians

I’m going to stop writing about the weather. I mean really, isn’t there anything else I’d like to write about? Anything? Nothing!? Oh yeah, there is a certain something that occupies a lot of my mind right now, but I will not utter that whose name must not be spoken.

So as this is a politics free zone until some point in the far future. Back to flagrant self promotion!

A new book that I illustrated awaits- gathering its strength just over the horizon. You can hear the rumbling, the screams, the gnashing of teeth, the beating of drums.


Great Now We’ve Got Barbarians comes out in February and if I haven’t talked about this enough, I will soon make-up for that.

Written by Jason Carter Eaton, I’m very proud of how this book turned out.

Jason also had a Barbarian friend put together a book trailer which you can see here – well, see by clicking this link. OR watching the embedded video below.

It was a really fun book to draw so I thought I’d post some of the early art below.

Picture books tend to change a lot as I work on them (I think that’s my fault) and I’m never quite sure what I will discover in the process.

This is an early pencil sketch. I start out very rough with my … roughs.


The characters aren’t designed yet – what I am looking at are the narrative beats and trying to make sure that the pages aren’t all medium shots or all close-ups. That every page isn’t so packed with details and backgrounds that the book becomes exhausting to look at and that the Story in clearly communicated by the visuals.

That single page rough sketch eventually became this double page speed in the final book.


Until tomorrow, keep an eye out for Barbarians and keep that house clean!


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