I bought the book for a reason!

I’m trying to…TYRING TO…cut back on the number of books I have. And while that is an ugly sentence it’s the best way to say it. I don’t want to ‘rid’ myself of books. Or ‘throw out’ books. Or ‘get rid of’ books, those all sound so negative. I just have too many books.

So I am giving a bunch to a local school and no doubt some will head to Goodwill and the local ‘leave a book – take a book’ boxes. Of course I brought home 11 new books from my recent trip to LA so I’m treading water once again. But I have to make room on the stuffed shelves.

Yesterday I took a few hours to go through the shelves culling the book herd and something amazing happened. I enjoyed READING and LOOKING at many of the books that have sat forgotten on the shelf for months/years.

It’s been inspiring and (dare I say) fun.

And it makes me realize that in the rush-rush of daily life and deadlines and emails and worries over creating/editing new work that I have not spent time enjoying many of the books in ages.

I can add another goal for the new year – to take time each day to walk over to the crowded shelves, take a handful of books out from their cramped quarters AND make time to sit down and enjoy them again. That seems a silly thing to need to remind yourself to do, but they too easily become an invisible part of the environment. Reading them yesterday reminded me clearly not only why I bought those particular books but also why I wanted to write and illustrate books to begin with.





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2 Responses to I bought the book for a reason!

  1. Great goal! That’s one of my goals this year – read more for pleasure, not just for reviewing. I have many books on my shelves I’d just like to go back and re-read.

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